Soulja Boy Blasts J. Cole After He Admits Initially Not Liking Soulja’s Music

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Soulja Boy slammed J. Cole after the rapper admitted to not liking the “Pretty Boy Swag” artist’s early music.

During a conversation with Lil Yachty’s A Safe Place podcast, the Fayetteville emcee opened up about his relationship with Southern music when he came of age. Cole expressed being “conflicted” with the artists his friends were playing, such as Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon, and more. He then came into contact with Soulja’s music when he was at parties and realized he was dancing to the music he initially hated.

“My real friends was playing Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon when he came out… Whatever the f**k was poppin’, whatever new rendition of Black culture was penetrating, like, music coming up, in the South, they was on,” he expressed. “A lot of that sh*t for me artistically, and what I stood for morally as an artist, I was conflicted.”

Jermaine then admitted he was being a “hater” towards Soulja and other music like that at the time. The “First Person Shooter” rapper explained that he eventually switched his mindset and appreciated the art.

Around the time Soulja Boy came out, I don’t know how this happened but, I had a realization within myself ’cause I’m hearing that sh*t and I’m like, ‘Man this sh*t, Soulja Boy Tell’ Em.’ Sounds crazy to say now ’cause it’s such a classic to me. But at that time, I had resistance. Similar to when you came out and your class came out, I had resistance. ‘Nah, that’s not the thing that I love. Like what? Y’all f**king with this?’ I was one of them.”

“I turned from a hater to an appreciator. Like, what can I find that’s amazing about this? What can I find that’s good about this? What can I find that’s going on?” he added. “That sh*t changed me as an artist. I became a better artist.”

But despite his genuine realization, Soulja Boy caught wind of Cole’s story and fired off shots. On Saturday (Nov. 4), the Atlanta entertainer took to social media to address Cole’s claims of initially hating on his music.

“Ni**az always hated on me nothing new. Him and Big Sean was on some hating sh*t. But f**k them, I’m still lit,” the rapper typed, quote-tweeting Cole’s conversation. “Never mind he got it. 2 away from 40. Fasho.”

Soulja then followed up with a video addressing the situation. The “Crank That” artist expressed that he understood where Cole came from before ultimately changing his mind.

“J. Cole you a cool a ** ni**a. Stay in yo lane bruh, you is not ready for this gangsta sh*t. You not ready for this Big Draco energy bruh. All that lyrical miracle spiritual sh*t do not count in the real world,” he said in the video.

“You got nice bars I understand what you was trying to say, but word yo sh*t different next time. When you was growing up Soulja Boy wasn’t yo type of music and then you realized—I don’t know what you was trying to say!! What the f**k was you even tryna say ni**a?? Yous a bi**h, you wasn’t tryna say sh*t!”

Cole has yet to respond to Soulja Boy’s rant.

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