Soon You Can Visit an (Almost) Real 'Jurassic World'


Last year’s T Rex-size smash Jurassic World was just the latest in a franchise of movies dedicated to demonstrating the inherent dangers of dinosaur-themed parks and exhibits - which makes the announcement of a real-life Jurassic World exhibition opening in Philadelphia this November such a surprise … although, perhaps, one that’s just a little bit foreboding.

Jurassic World: The Exhibit, the result of a partnership between NBCUniversal Brand Development and Imagine Exhibitions, might not feature genetically modified cloned dinosaurs, but it will include authentic fossils, paleontological specimens and, most impressively of all, life-size animatronic dinosaurs designed by Creature Technology Company.

The exhibit will also allow visitors to “visit” Isla Nublar, the island setting of the movie, and get inside the “Creation Lab” to learn about how real-life science explores the mysteries of dinosaur DNA.

The limited engagement at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute in November is the North American debut for the exhibit, which debuted at the Melbourne Museum in Australia in April, going on to set new attendance records for the museum.

“Bringing Jurassic World to life as an interactive exhibit is truly an awe-inspiring guest experience,” said David O'Connor, executive vp global brand marketing and partnerships at Universal Pictures, in a statement accompanying the announcement. “Creating immersive, new ways for consumers to interact with Jurassic World is part of our long-term plan to extend and deepen touch points with the brand worldwide.”

While the lack of living dinos might disappoint those hoping for disaster, it’s worth remembering that Jurassic franchise creator Michael Crichton wrote about the dangers of animatronic theme attractions as well. Stay on your toes, just in case.

Jurassic World: The Exhibit opens Nov. 25, and will run through April 2017.

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