Song Premiere: ‘X Factor’ Rock Diva Jennel Garcia Returns With ‘Life Starts Now’

The X Factor USA went off the air in 2013, but fans surely still remember Season 2’s dynamite rock ‘n’ roll diva Jennel Garcia, whose Benatar-esque, hairography-filled “Paris (Ooh La La)” performance was one of the best auditions in the American series’ three seasons.

Garcia was just a high school student back then, incredibly, but now, at age 21, she’s back, writing and recording an album with producers Kenneth Mount and Zack Odom of ZK Productions (Cartel, Mayday Parade) and premiering an anthemic new track off her forthcoming EP, “Life Starts Now,” right here.


(photo: Heather Bozzone)

“‘Life Starts Now’ is the only track on my EP that isn’t about love or a relationship,” Garcia tells Yahoo Music’s Reality Rocks. “I wanted something that was empowering and inspirational. The quote ‘life starts now’ means a lot to me, because it’s something I said to myself and my family when I auditioned for The X Factor. My life truly started that day, and it’s just a song about my life now and how I feel and how I want my life to be.”