Song premiere: Michael W. Smith debuts 'Love Always Wins'

Wendy Geller
·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Multiplatinum-selling contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Michael W. Smith knows a thing or two about bringing people together via the vehicle of music. With his latest project, he’s tackling a tough audience: the divided American people.

Yahoo Music is pleased to debut the poignant song “Love Always Wins,” from Smith’s upcoming album, A Million Lights, which is due to be released Feb. 16. The song is especially relevant in today’s environment, calling for focus on the positive.

Smith says of the inspiration behind the song: “Put simply, [it’s] our shifting culture and our hostility towards one another. My parents taught me to love and respect others, even if we had differing points of view. That doesn’t seem to be the norm today. I’ve seen love disarm some volatile situations. It’s a simple — but true — principle: Love always wins.”

The singer notes that 2017 has become particularly divisive and depressing. “I’ve gotten to the point I almost avoid social media,” he laments. “To me, it is so revolting to see Facebook headlines that boast: ‘This guy shut down that guy in 20 seconds.’ When did it become about ‘shutting down’ another person? We’ve lost the value of conversation. That’s the dialogue I’d like to open — ‘Can we just talk? I don’t have to agree with you — and you don’t have to agree with me. But can we find some common ground to build on?’

“I’ve always found this simple, but true, thought to be important: ‘Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another…’ Regardless of your background I think most of us can agree on the value of striving for that.”

On Nov. 11, Smith will embark on his annual Christmas Tour with Amy Grant. If you’d like to keep up with his schedule, check here.