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Song premiere: Hear a tune from 'The Walking Dead' collected-season soundtrack

Premiering on Halloween 2010, in 120 countries simultaneously, The Walking Dead became a cultural zeitgeist practically overnight. Now, the show’s equally iconic soundtrack, featuring the work of award-winning composer Bear McCreary, is set to be released Oct. 20.

For this long-awaited release, McCreary selected both his personal favorites from the first seven seasons, along with those most frequently requested by fans. Yahoo Music is excited to debut “Sophia,” which was featured in Season 2.

“The slow build of Season 2’s first eight episodes climaxed in this stunning revelation,” McCreary notes. “The directorial staging of this sequence felt incredibly operatic, inspiring show runner Glen Mazzara and I to expand the score into a more lyrical, orchestral language. With woodwind solos, and evocative string ostinatos, this piece was distinct from the score to this point, and in many ways, remains so even after a hundred episodes.”

McCreary recalls overall that “narrowing down the highlights from seven years of work was a tremendous challenge…I am thrilled there is finally a way for fans of this global phenomenon to experience my music in an album format. Most of all, I am excited because my experience on The Walking Dead continues. As of this writing, I am gearing up to dive into our eighth season, I look forward to many more years of musical exploration!”

Some of McCreary’s other film credits include 10 Cloverfield Lane, the upcoming thriller Happy Death Day, the animated feature Animal Crackers, and Disney’s Step Up 3D. His videogame credits include Sony PlayStation’s highly anticipated new God of War.

The eighth season of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.