‘Son of Zorn’ Premiere Recap: Cartoon Dads Are Awkward

The Son of Zorn series premiere proved that living as a cartoon barbarian in a live-action world is not easy, especially when you go to California for your son’s 17th birthday and end up meeting your ex-wife’s fiancé.

Zorn is voiced by Saturday Night Live alum Jason Sudeikis, and his live-action ex-wife is played by an actress who probably knows a thing or two about awkward situations: Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Cheryl Hines. Tim Meadows, another SNL alum, also stars in the new series.

Throughout the first episode, Zorn attempts to mend his relationship with his teenage son, but his methods prove both awkward and hilarious. Instead of talking to his son, Zorn throws a milkshake at him, and instead of a car, Zorn buys his son a cartoonishly huge used hawk.

Fortunately for Zorn’s son, Alangulam, his mother’s fiancé is a psychology professor.

See Penn and Teller re-create the SNL trick that got them in hot water:

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