Somehow, Shein Is the Most Popular Brand of 2022

Chinese fast fashion brand Shein has been dubbed the most popular brand of 2022, after Google shared that it was the most-searched brand in a total of 113 countries. The less-than-ethical company overtook fast fashion retailers like Zara and even beat out sportswear giants adidas and Nike.

Though the news may seem shocking to some, in a midst of a cost of living crisis, it appears that the brand's low prices are more welcome to consumers than we might think. While avoiding fast fashion and shopping sustainably is always the preference, it's unfortunately a luxury that not everyone can afford and now more than ever, it appears that more and more consumers are finding themselves without the choice.

That said, the brand's lack of morality and detriment to its employees can't be ignored. Shortly after the Google news broke, the company admitted to breaches of working hours, resulting in 75-hour work weeks for some of its employees. So while the low price may seem enticing, especially right now, it's important to remember that it always comes at some form of cost, whether that be to its employees or to the environment.

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