Somebody Jumped In The World Showcase Lagoon At Epcot, And There's Video

 Harmonious at Epcot.
Harmonious at Epcot.

Epcot is my favorite park at Walt Disney World. There are lots of fun and diverse attractions, Epcot has the best food, and the vibe of World of Showcase is just my favorite in all of the Disney Parks that I have been to. But apparently somebody recently decided that there wasn’t enough fun to do at Epcot, because he created his new thrill attraction, which involved jumping into World Showcase Lagoon.

The unnamed man is currently going viral on TikTok for the stunt that shows him standing on the wrong side of a handrail, and seemingly contemplating the jump. Then he makes sure somebody holds his glasses, before going ahead and just jumping in. The video shows him taking the plunge and then climbing out, where I’m guessing security was waiting for him.

You can hear somebody shout that he’s going to get banned from Disney World, and yeah, that seems like a foregone conclusion. A move like this isn’t the "stern wearing" sort of situation or the “get removed from the park for the day” sort of thing, this is a “you have been trespassed from Disney World property” sort of thing. People have been banned from Disney World thanks to TikTok videos before, and for doing a lot less

The post claims the man’s decision to do this came from a bet. One can only guess what the bet was that made the guy willing to get himself kicked out of the park. I hope he got something for the trouble he’s now going to have to go through. One also has to believe that alcohol was in play. While most enjoy their adult beverages at Epcot responsibility, there are always others who indulge in Epcot’s alcohol a bit too freely. Most people just climb the Mexico pavilion when they have one too many, but I guess this guy just chose a different direction.

And what’s more jumping into the World Showcase lagoon is dangerous. Disney World is built on a swamp and the wildlife from the area still lives there, there isn’t a body of water on the property, even Epcot’s lagoon, where you don’t run the risk of getting up close and personal with gators. Tragedy with alligators has struck Disney World before, and while we can laugh at this guy now for his ridiculous decision, it would be something quite different if this had gone bad.

I have to assume that this guy knew he was about to get banned from Disney World and decided that was worth it. If he ever regrets the decision, it is possible to reverse a lifetime ban, by writing to Disney World and apologizing and asking very nicely. Although a few years still need to pass, this guy will need to find a new place to swim for quite some time.