How to solve Xbox High Packet Loss

 Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Xbox High Packet Loss errors on your Xbox One or Series X/S are likely to cause lagging and crashing, and come down to some sort of error that limits your Xbox's ability to transfer packets of data online - and considering those packets are the information integral to online gaming, that can be a problem. There can be multiple causes of packet loss on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox one, so we'll go through them below and how some of them can be fixed.

What is High Packet Loss on Xbox?

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Halo Infinite

High Packet Loss is, as mentioned, a form of failing connection wherein packets of data aren't reaching the Xbox from the server, or vice versa. The usual result is connection issues, including failures and timeouts, high ping, latency issues - all the usual horseman of the online gaming apocalypse.

  1. You can see if you're suffering from Packet Loss on your Xbox by doing the following:

  2. Press the Xbox button on your controller

  3. Go to Profile & System > Settings > Network Settings

  4. Select "Test Network Speed & Statistics"

  5. There'll be a moment where the Xbox calculates these figures

  6. It'll then display the details of your connection, including Packet Loss as a percentage.

A little Packet Loss is sometimes normal, but should be less than 3% (and ideally under 1%). Anything over that isn't good, and anything over 10% is going to cause extreme issues like those mentioned above.

Xbox Packet Loss fixes

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Fortnite Season 2 of Chapter 4

Because there's multiple issues that can all cause packet loss, there's a variety of fixes and solutions that players can try to resolve them. Here's a list to run through; see if any are successful:

  • Reset your router and connection. If the error is at your end, try turning your router on and off, as well as disconnecting your Xbox and reconnecting.

  • Switch to a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi. Wired connections are more stable and generally more reliable than wireless ones. If you're already on a wired connection, move the ethernet cable to a different port on the router, or try a new cable altogether.

  • Check to see if other apps or devices are using the connection. Packet Loss can often be caused by lots of traffic and trying to sustain multiple connections at once. If somebody else in your home is gaming or watching videos online, get them to stop and see if that helps.

  • Check official sources and social media accounts to see if the fault is at the other end. Packet Loss can sometimes be an issue with the server your console is trying to communicate with, rather than the console itself. Check with accounts like Xbox Support or other useful sources to see if they're having problems - if they are, there's not much you'll be able to do about it.

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