Sofia Vergara's personal connection to 'AGT' contestant's tragic story moves her to tears

During the final performance Tuesday night on America’s Got Talent, Sofia Vergara was moved to tears by Wyn Starks, a Minneapolis native now living in Nashville. Starks performed a beautiful original song called “Who I Am,” which he dedicated to his recently deceased twin brother. Starks, 39, said the song is about his journey.

“It was one of my brother’s favorite songs,” Starks said. “And I — I’m a twin, and recently actually lost my twin brother.” A touched Vergara reacted, saying, “Oh, no.” “It’s been really hard,” Starks continued. “And, you know, he was one of my biggest supporters. So to be here means everything to me, and I’m doing this for him.”

Before he started singing, it was clear from the look on her face that Vergara understood Stark’s pain. As he sang the powerful ballad, she was seen wiping tears from her eyes.

This isn’t the first time Vergara became emotional as a judge on AGT. In the summer of 2020, a man dedicated a spoken-word performance to his late sister, provoking a similar reaction from Vergara, whose older brother was killed in their native Colombia in 1997.

“That was amazing,” Vergara said following the performance, her voice shaking. “Um, I’m so sorry for your loss. I know what that means. I lost my brother too, and I cannot even imagine what it is to lose a twin because that bond has to be something unexplainable.” “I’m sorry for your loss,” Starks responded. “I love all the feeling that you gave to your song,” Vergara continued. “I love your song, and I love that it was your song.”

In the end, all three judges (Howie Mandel was out sick) voted Starks through, and Simon Cowell complimented the performer.

“Honestly, you’re brilliant, Wyn,” Cowell said. “And we all saw, for obvious reasons, how emotional you were. And then you took a beat and then — that song, it was extraordinary. It really was. And I think it was the perfect tribute to your brother. Genuinely. And I think this could be a life-changing moment for you. I really hope that.”

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