Social Media Defends Euthanized Grizzly Bear After Campers & Dog Mauled to Death In Banff


An unfortunate incident over the weekend at the Banff National Park has Internet users turning against humanity!

A couple and their dog had their lives taken after an adventure at the famous Canada Park turned bloody due to an encounter with a grizzly bear. However, many believe the now-dead creature was not at fault.

'Cautious' Couple Killed By Grizzly Bear In Banff National Park

On Friday night, an unnamed couple was attacked by a grizzly bear. The common-law partners, who have been together for a while, sent a GPS alert about a bear attack to Parks Canada around 8 pm from Red Deer River Valley west of Ya Ha Tinda Ranch.


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Grizzly Bear Kills Couple And Dog, But The Public Is Defending The Bear!

The pair, described as "experienced" hikers, were accompanied by their dog, who was also killed.

After receiving the caller, the specially trained wildlife attack team sprung into action but was delayed because of the night's weather. "Weather conditions at the time did not allow for helicopter use, and the response team traveled through the night to the location by the ground," claimed Natalie Fay, the external relations manager for the Banff field unit, to CBC.

As a result, they had to hike through the night. They arrived at the coordinates around 1 am only to find two bodies. They also encountered an aggressive grizzly bear in the area and had to euthanize it for the public's safety.

The bodies of the late couple have since been taken to Sundre, Alta., pending more investigation. Parks Canada confirmed the tragic death by saying, "This is a tragic incident, and Parks Canada wishes to express its sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims."

Seemingly explaining why the unfortunate incident occurred, Alberta Forestry and Parks confirmed in its statement: "During the Fall, bears are preparing for hibernation and the risk of surprise wildlife encounter increases.

Grizzly Bear Kills Couple And Dog, But The Public Is Defending The Bear!

According to a family member of the deceased, "They were long-term partners who loved the outdoors and were inseparable. They lived for being in the backcountry and were two of the most cautious people I know. They knew the bear protocol and followed it to a tee."

The Public Defends Euthanized Bear: 'What A Waste!'

Amid the tragic news, many have taken to the internet to voice their displeasure that the bear was put down, given that the deceased couple invaded its territory.

"If the humans had not been there in the first the bear's home. Now the two people are dead, and the bear. What a waste," one user expressed.

Another netizen asked, "When humans hunt & kill bears, the humans are not euthanized. Why is the bear, who is simply minding its own business in its natural habitat, euthanized after humans invade its natural space & the bear defends itself & kills the humans?"

This user wrote, "Why kill the Bear. A Bear is gonna Bear," while another added, "The bear should not have been put down."

"And of course the bear had to be put down 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬," commented another angered user.

Grizzly Bear Kills Couple And Dog, But The Public Is Defending The Bear!

Expounding on the reduced number of grizzly bears, considered at risk in Alberta, one concerned netizen wrote, "I'm torn here…of course it sad for the hikers, that's a given. But putting a beardown in a national park, its home, for doing what a bear does… is sad. Maybe 25k grizzlies in 🇨🇦, and 40m humans, we are the problem, not them."

Many shared a similar sentiment, with one Twitter user adding, "I hate they killed the bear when it's humans who encroach on their homes! There are few grizzlies around but over 8 billion people!"