So Justin Bieber Is Now Sending Shirtless Selfies to ... His Dad?

·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Justin Bieber with his dad, Jeremy. (Photo: Instagram)
Justin Bieber with his dad, Jeremy. (Photo: Instagram)

Justin Bieber says he isn’t looking for love these days, but he needs to send his shirtless selfies to someone. That someone is apparently his dad.

With Justin on his Instagram hiatus, we’ve had to turn to his dad, Jeremy Bieber, for our JB photo fixes. On the menu thus far have been cute throwbacks and sweet family shots, which is always nice and fun. Then today Jeremy threw us a curveball by posting … a shirtless selfie of his son?!

Built like I was now I'm fat lol #handsomeson

A photo posted by Jeremy Bieber (@jeremybieber) on Dec 16, 2016 at 9:56am PST

There are several possible scenarios to explain how the pic came to be posted, but we really can’t get past the fact that Justin apparently sends shirtless selfies to his dad. Hey dad, here’s a nice shot of my abdominal V line. What do you think?

Jeremy made a comment about his 22-year-old son’s toned bod in his camo shorts and hashtagged it “#handsomeson.” What a tribute! A very odd tribute.

Bieber, who performed at the Jingle Ball in NYC last weekend, is back on hiatus until his Purpose tour picks back up next year. (In 2017, he’ll be doing his first-ever stadium tour in the U.S.) Earlier this week, during his downtime, he went jogging with his protégée Madison Beer in Los Angeles. Gotta keep that body worthy of Instagram shares — from his dear old dad and beyond.