Snow White Dropped An Official Look, But I'm More Focused On Rachel Ziegler’s Comments About Bacon Rolls On Set

 Rachel Zegler holding out hands with magic on them in Shazam! Fury of the Gods.
Rachel Zegler holding out hands with magic on them in Shazam! Fury of the Gods.
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So far, most of what we’ve heard of from the set of Disney’s live action Snow White has to do with the controversy over the Seven Dwarves and backlash over what Rachel Zegler said about the iconic Disney character in the past. Snow White live action’s release isn’t expected until 2024, and that means until recently we had been sans an official trailer and most BTS looks –minus the hotly debated set photo of the seven dwarfs  – but all that changed when Disney dropped our first official look at the film.

As it turns out, the movie's lead actress had also shared a few tidbits from set which you may not have caught unless you really have been following her. While Rachel Zegler has had some memorable fashion moments lately, she hasn’t been sharing much from roles lately amidst the rules related to the SAG-AFTRA strike. However, a bit back she did share a look at the bacon roll that was apparently a cast favorite during filming, though clearly she didn't overdo it and managed to fit into the red, white, blue and yellow dress the whole time.

Rachel Zegler showing off bacon roll from Snow White set.
Rachel Zegler showing off bacon roll from Snow White set.

Shoutout to the Snow White caterers because that breakfast sandwich does look bomb, and credit should go where credit is due. Or maybe I’m just hungry today.. Either way, I do love the enthusiasm the actress had for those doing the hard work and catering on movie sets during the making of giant big budget productions such as Disney’s upcoming live action films.

It’s nice to get some positive press for Snow White. Zegler’s been great in recent roles and most of Disney’s live action productions have generally been enjoyable, so you’d think anticipation for Snow White would have been solid in recent months. However, it and The Little Mermaid had been plagued by controversies ahead of release. Some people were unhappy with the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel and later Zegler as Snow White. Others have expressed disappointment that the average-sized seven dwarfs took jobs away from little people in the industry and were unhappy with comments the actress had made about the original movie.

At one point, this all came to a head when rumors that Zegler had been replaced in the film had to be debunked. This week, Zegler addressed the Snow White controversies (and The Little Mermaid), noting that she’s “learned the hard way” how to be heard in an industry that features a lot of noise.

To young Latino performers coming up in the industry, I would tell them to know their worth, and to make sure they’re loud about having seats at the tables they deserve to be at. I have learned the hard way that we have to be fearless and loud in order to be heard, and to prepare for the backlash that occasionally comes with that outspokenness.

No matter the naysayers, she’s coming out on top, and is expected to star in both The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes and Snow White live action following roles coming up, after a big year in which she appeared in ventures like Shazam: Fury of the Gods. I guess the hard-hitting question I have now is: I wonder how craft foods was on those other productions as well?