Snoop reveals he once escaped an attack by Death Row and wound up in jail with Ray J

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On BET’s No Limit Chronicles Wednesday night, Snoop Dogg recalled the moment he escaped an attack by people loyal to (now former) Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight. Snoop had recently left the floundering record label for No Limit Records when he ran into Knight’s associates backstage at the No Limit Records I Got the Hook Up Comedy Jam in Los Angeles in May of 1998, and they confronted him over something he’d said about Knight.

Speaking with MTV News, Snoop was asked what he had to say about Knight saying, “He [Snoop] used to be a superstar, now he’s just a No Limit soldier.” “Nothing,” Snoop replied. “He used to be a CEO, now he’s just an inmate.” Snoop then flipped off the camera, presumably meant for Knight.

All of the other No Limit rappers were onstage performing when Snoop was confronted by Knight’s associates, who, according to Snoop, said he owed Knight an apology. When they didn’t like Snoop’s response, they went after him. Snoop took off and his fellow No Limit rappers were alerted to what was happening. Master P and the rest of the crew ran off the stage in the middle of their performance to help Snoop. Then chaos ensued.

“DJ’s got the record spinning, there’s gunshots on the song,” a record executive who was there remembered, “but [the] audience doesn’t know that, so now a riot is happening.”

Meanwhile, Snoop escaped the attack by Knight’s associates, but quickly found himself in another troublesome situation.

“I get awizay, no cuts, no scars, no hits, no nothin’,” Snoop said, “but I run right into the law, with weed in my pocket and everything because I’m trying to save my life. They handcuff me. They put me in back of the police car.”

Snoop and his cousin, rapper Daz Dillinger, were taken to jail that night for possession of marijuana, where they just happened to see a familiar face.

“They take me and my cousin, Daz, to jail, and when we get in there, Ray J is in there,” Snoop said laughing. “So we spend four hours in jail with Ray J. I ain’t making this s**t up, man. I’m not making this s**t up.”

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