Snoop Dogg Says Willie Nelson Is The Only Person That Out-Smoked Him

Snoop Dogg's THC testimony coincides with his new gospel album, "Snoop Dogg Presents: Bible of Love."

By Xavier Hamilton

According to Snoop Dogg, he smokes nearly 81 blunts a day. This alone would make out-smoking the Doggfather an impossible feat. However, on Monday (Apr. 9) during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Snoop reveals the only person to have cracked his iron lungs.

“Willie Nelson is the only person who’s ever out-smoked Snoop Dogg,” the West Coast staple admitted. He added that Nelson, Bob Marley, and Cheech and Chong would be on the Mount Rushmore of marijuana smokers. “I had to hit the timeout button… I never done that before,” he said. In a 2017 interview with VIBE, Snoop shared a similar story concerning Nelson and said he had to sit out a rapid smoking session.

Snoop’s THC testimony coincides with his new career direction. In addition to the entertaining discussion, the 46-year-old also talked about his roots in Christian church fostered not only his creativity but also became the inspiration behind his gospel album, Snoop Dogg Presents: Bible of Love.

“At my church, we had plays where we would reenact certain African-American historians. Like George Washington-Carver, Fredrick Douglass,” he explained. “They would teach us how to act and sing and perform in our church. It was like a little school for talent. To learn about God and learn how to perform.”

His rededication to this community staple speaks to Snoop’s ever-present activism. Throughout his career, he’s created a football league for the youth of his native-Los Angeles in addition to a litany of philanthropic projects. “My whole life I was raised up in church,” Snoop said. “And in the world, we’re in with so much negativity and violence I wanted to create something that represented peace, love, and happiness.”

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