Snoop Dogg and Master P Are Big Mad They Are Being Forced to Rename ‘Snoop Loopz’ Cereal

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snoop-loopz - Credit: Dave Bjerke/NBC/Getty Images; Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
snoop-loopz - Credit: Dave Bjerke/NBC/Getty Images; Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Rise and grind is a great morning mantra for Snoop Dogg and Master P, whose breakfast cereal Snoop Loopz has been stripped of its name following interference from an unnamed competitor cereal company. Distributed through the pair’s food label Broadus Foods, the marshmallow-filled cereal was supposed to be the first step towards Snoop and Master P’s breakfast industry takeover.

“So they don’t want us to use Snoop Loopz on our cereal box even though that’s my name,” Snoop shared in the caption of an Instagram video that showed himself and Master P showing off boxes of the gluten-free cereal they created. “We’ve built a national brand and disrupted the cereal industry, we did it with hard work and integrity. I know they’re uncomfortable and scared.”

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The rappers didn’t name the opposing breakfast brand, though they’re likely feeling the heat from Kellogg’s, which has owned the Fruit Loops brand trademark since the eighties. Snoop Loopz have been promoted with Captain Ace, a Jolly Rancher-blue Siberian husky, as the brand mascot. In a promotional video, Snoop recalls how much he loved cereal as a kid, adding: “Now, I got some cereal that you can fall in love with.”

According to the Snoop Loopz website, a portion of all proceeds from Broadus Foods purchases – ranging from cereal, oatmeal, and grits to pancake mix and syrup – benefits charity organizations focused on homelessness and needy families, like Door of Hope. “Our mission is to build diversity and economic empowerment,” Snoop wrote on Instagram.

“Times have changed. There’s enough room for all of us to be successful. This is bigger than us, we are fighting for the next generation of entrepreneurs. We’re no longer just being consumers, we’re educating the culture building our own brands, and passing down generational wealth.”

He added: “Broadus Foods is all about helping the community. It’s official we’re taking over the breakfast foods industry. They can’t stop us. It’s David versus Goliath. @masterp and I got the slingshot. This is a minor setback for a major comeback. #GodsPlan What do YOU think we should name our new cereal?”

In a separate video, Master P told his partner-in-cereal, “Snoop, you know when you’re doing something good, the devil gotta show up.” The rapper replied: “We did this for the people, we did this for the family. We did this to make sure people got something to eat.”

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