Snoop Dogg Is Cold-Blooded In New Trailer For ‘The Big Payback’

Snoop Dogg has released the official preview for his new film, The Big Payback, in which the Long Beach native portrays a cold-blooded murderer.

The beloved rapper shared the teaser on Friday (Sept. 8) as he narrated, “In a world full of Gods and monsters, the only way to exterminate evil is to cut it off at the root. Sever the arteries so it cannot take hold and regrow. For an enemy wounded, there’s a retaliation activated. Who gets to decide who lives and who dies? What if every prayer you ever prayed was heard? I mean, really heard.”

Snoop Dogg’s character awaits his unsuspecting prey in a dimly-lit room, covered in plastic, while eating a bowl of his cereal, Snoop Loopz. After executing his victim, the teaser cuts off.

No exact date has been revealed regarding the film’s formal release, but Snoop shared that it’s “coming soon.”

He has already proven that he stands in solidarity with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

“The streaming gotta get their sh*t together because I don’t understand how the f**k you get paid off of that sh*t,” the 51-year-old reportedly expressed during an event back in July. “I mean, can someone explain to me how you can get a billion streams and not get a million dollars? That sh*t don’t make sense to me.”

The Emmy winner has previously starred in several films and television shows, including Baby Boy, Training Day, BMF, Day Shift, and Starsky & Hutch.

Of the latter, he recalled one stunt that was actually very real. In 2020, the Doggystyle rapper told Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, hosts of the All The Smoke podcast, that Vince Vaughn really hit him during filming.

“We rehearsing, and in the scene, it says, well, Vince is gonna say a line, and then my character, Huggy Bear, is going to interrupt him […] N***a sayin’ his lines, I’m already doing my s**t. The n***a say something like ‘Hey, man.’ That n***a said, BOW! He slapped the dog s**t outta me,” Snoop reflected.

“He slapped the dog s**t out of me. The n***a in me was finna punch him, right, but the actor in me, the actor in me shrugged it off, and I went to my next line, and I did that s**t and I killed it.”

Watch the full clip below.

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