‘SNL’ Star Has Absurdly Big VHS Collection

Saturday Night Live cast member Kyle Mooney stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to show off his collection of VHS tapes. Those were what people used before DVDs were a thing.

Kyle Mooney (Photo: Sundance Institute)
Kyle Mooney (Photo: Sundance Institute)

Not only is Mooney’s collection huge, it’s also kind of weird. Mooney brought Meyers some of his more … eclectic tapes, in a plastic bag, mind you, and said a few words about each one. First up, there was The Adventures of Prayer Bear, Volume 3: Time to Pray. “He’s an animatronic bear who helps you to learn when is the right time to pray. He loves spumoni ice cream,” Mooney said. “He’s just a really fun guy to have around.”

Then there was also Mr. Nasty, a VHS featuring a man who insults the viewer, Video Girlfriend, which lets the viewer go on a date with the star, Nathaniel the Grublet, and finally, Bible Man. Here’s hoping that all of these videos are available to rent or buy somewhere.

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