‘SNL’: Pilot Jason Momoa Takes In Wacky Thanksgiving Airport Parade

Screen-Shot-2023-11-19-at-1.19.34-AM - Credit: NBC/SNL
Screen-Shot-2023-11-19-at-1.19.34-AM - Credit: NBC/SNL

Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Saturday Night Live put a new spin on parades with the Hudson News Thanksgiving Week Airport Parade.

At Newark Airport–“everybody’s third choice,” as TSA agent Chartreuse Hamilton (Ego Nwodim) joked–the first participants were “couple on their last Thanksgiving trip together.”

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“Babe, can you just not be vegan for like one day,” one passenger (Mikey Day) tells his significant other (Heidi Gardner). “Turkey is barely a meat!”

Next was “woman with service animals she clearly doesn’t need” (Chloe Fineman).

SNL guest host Jason Momoa, meanwhile, played parade correspondent Captain Gary Rogers, who was taking up residence at a Chili’s bar and hitting on Nwodim.

“Every woman I sleep with gets one of these nice little wing pins,” he said, tossing one at the camera.

Additional parade participants included “TSA agent shouting the same thing 12 different ways” (Kenan Thompson), “woman who took her Ambien a little too early” (Molly Kearney), and “woman who refuses to check a bag” (Punkie Johnson).

TSA agent Umberto (Bowen Yang) then introduced “the biggest star of the parade”: the airline passenger (Sarah Sherman) who vent viral months ago for claiming that someone else on the plane was “not real.”

By parade’s end, Nwodim was nowhere to be seen, but soon rejoined Yang–along with a disheveled Momoa, who says that she “was getting her wings.”

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