‘SNL’: Cold Open Biden Parody Needs Votes as Bad as the Sketch Needed Jokes (Video)

The last episode of “SNL” before the 2022 midterm elections avoided any jokes with actual teeth (or for that matter, punch lines) in favor of yet another frame-excuse for cast members to do a series of so-so celebrity impressions.

This time, James Austin Johnson’s Joe Biden delivered an address from the white house dealing with his desperation to inspire people to get out and vote. And the pitch: The Democratic Party will replace some of the more lackluster candidate with celebrities.

Watch some of it here below:

For real, the sketch was as desperate for some good jokes as Johnson’s Biden was for votes. The celebrities rolled out didn’t seem inspired by anything that has recently happened, giving the sketch “hey what impressions can you do on the fly?” vibes.

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It started with an allusion to Biden’s (sorely needed) speeches about the growing threat to American democracy by right wing Republicans all over the country, with Johnson’s Biden saying the situation in America is “let’s just say big yikes.”

Then Johnson’s Biden tried to remind people of the things he’s accomplished — like “that big ass infrastructure bill,” and rural high speed internet that, he said, allows Republicans to increase their exposure to homophobic conspiracy theories about Paul Pelosi.

Then Biden complained that people don’t think he’s as attractive as Barack Obama. “Do me a favor, Google young Joe Biden and draw yourself a bubble bath,” he said.

Then came the impressions. They included 6ix9ine, Guy Fieri, Marianne Williams and more. But at least one good thing came out of it — Cecily Strong is back. For some reason, she played Stormy Daniels.