Will Smith's TikTok video poking fun at his Oscar night has us in real tears!

Will Smith
Will Smith

It has been nearly a year since the controversy surrounding the 2022 Oscar Awards. Yesterday (Feb 20), Will Smith had some time to put his Oscar award on public display and certainly caught fans by surprise. He posted a side-by-side clip to his Instagram of himself along with TikToker MissMoneyWorking, where she described what she thinks would be life changing, and “make your life more interesting and fun.” In the 44-second clip, the user gave some insight on her thoughts and now that the Philly-born icon used his likeness to test out her theory, more people will likely follow suit.


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“Did you know that you can pick any object? Look at it and ask it what it thinks of you?” the user asked. “So, for example, you can pick up a pen and ask it how it sees you or what it thinks of you, and you will get an answer in your mind from your intuition.” She went on to add, “You can ask your car what it thinks of you. You can even ask money what it thinks of you.” Toward the end of the video, Smith is seen looking to his side as he processes what the TikToker is saying.

As the saying goes, “expect the unexpected.” The four time Grammy-award-winning star suddenly picked up his Oscar award and casually sat it on his lap before the video ended. Although he did not say a word, he spoke volumes with the action itself that shook the internet. While some fans might assume he’s referencing his infamous Chris Rock slap, others see it as “popping his s**t.” Check out some of the reactions from fans below and peep Will Smith‘s TikTok video above.


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