Will Smith's Ex-Wife Sheree Zampino Makes A Splash On 'RHOBH,' Fans Want This Star Fired And Replaced With Her

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Sheree Zampino made her debut on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and fans can’t get enough. The ex-wife of Will Smith was introduced on the show as a friend of The Jamie Foxx Show alum Garcelle Beauvais. Now, fans say Zampino should be a full-time housewife.

Sheree Zampino’s debut

On the latest episode of RHOBH, Zampino was introduced in the opening scene. Beauvais and Zapino went for a walk to catch up and discuss Zampino’s recent birthday celebration which her Will Smith, 53, attended.

Outside of being friends, the two have Will in common as Beauvais revealed that she dated Will in the 90s.

“So let’s get this straight, it was after the divorce with Sheree,” Beauvais explained in a confessional. “I didn’t know Sheree then, so that’s why we can be cool.”

Beauvais elaborated in an interview about their brief dating romance. She said she learned Will was dating his now-wife Jada Pinkett Smith from his young son who asked if his father was speaking with Jada on the phone during their call.

Fans want friend of the show, Diana Jenkins, replaced

Whitfield is well-received by fans, which is a stark contrast to fans’ reactions over Jenkins, 49.

Jenkins has been perceived “out of touch” after she revealed she didn’t know what an outlet store is and also made a racially insensitive comment.  “Sheree brought more energy and fun in this scene than Diana has brought all season,” wrote one fan, per The Sun.

Zampino isn’t new to reality TV

While RHOBH is new territory, reality television is not. She appeared on all three seasons of Hollywood Exes on VH1. While on the show, she was married to NFL star turned pastor Terrell Fletcher. She eventually filed for divorce after 7 years of marriage, noting she no longer wanted to be as involved in his church as much.