Will Smith Once Borrowed Gas Money from an Unsuspecting Fan

When it comes to fame, Will Smith is never too busy for his fans.

Smith, 48, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, where he admitted that he loves being famous.

“I want people to recognize me,” he said laughing. “I’ve met a lot of people where fame can be a burden, and I just love it.”

The Suicide Squad actor shared a funny run-in he had with a fan recently, where being one of Hollywood’s top leading men really paid off — literally!

Smith recalled an incident when he was driving home only to discover that he was out of gas, and without his wallet. After pulling into a gas station, the actor did some quick thinking on how to get out of his predicament.

“I looked over on the other side and I saw a dude. He was, like, 36, and I was like, ‘That dude is a Fresh Prince fan.’ You can spot ’em!” Smith said. “So I kinda rolled the window down and after a couple of minutes, he was like, ‘Will?’ “

Once the fan spotted him, the actor knew he was home free.

“He said, ‘Hey, man, can I get a picture?’ I said, ‘Yeah man, I need about $10.,’ ” he said.

Smith said he offered to pay the man back, but he wouldn’t give him his information.

“He was like ‘Dude no way, no way. That’s yours.’ “