'Slight Little Hitch In My Giddy Up': Chris Pratt Explains How His Ankle Injury Will Impact Production On His Movie Mercy

 Chris Pratt in the Guardians Holiday Special.
Chris Pratt in the Guardians Holiday Special.
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While on the set of his movie Mercy, Chris Pratt got an ankle injury four days into filming. He took to Instagram to show a photo of what happened, and it looked painful and very swollen. This caused a few questions about whether this would impact the production of the project – he even noted in his post that it “should be interesting moving forward.” However, the actor has given a positive update about what happened, and if he’ll be able to keep working.

In Chris Pratt’s words, he’s “good to go.” This minor bump in the road sounds like nothing serious, and he said he’s not seriously “injured.” In his own words, the Guardians of the Galaxy star said in his Instagram story:

What's up everybody? Quick ankle update. Don't know if you saw my post yesterday, but I jacked up my foot on the set of Mercy for Amazon. I'm hurt, but I'm not injured, so I'm good to go. You can see I'm walking. Slight little hitch in my giddy up.

Chris Pratt talking to the camera explaining that he's
Chris Pratt talking to the camera explaining that he's

Pratt then addressed the Instagram post he put up about said injury (which you can see below). He explained he got both positive and aggressive reactions that toggled between hoping he was OK and telling him to brush it off and get back to work. The Parks and Rec alum said he sees both these kinds of comments as “support.” The message then turned into a lesson about the importance of “compassion” and “strength” and the need for both.

He also used the Instagram story to joke around too – like he did just a few days earlier with Tony Hawk and the Property Brothers about Garfield – saying his injury was brought to us by “Jocko Go,” an energy drink he was holding up in the video. Rounding this post, Pratt poked fun at the comments he got about his injury saying:

Did you hurt your ankle? I’m so sorry that. That really sucks. Man, you OK bud? I’m praying for you. Also, rub some dirt on it, and don’t be a pussy. Get up, you got this. Jocko Go!

Looking back at Chris Pratt’s best projects, this isn’t the first time he’s gotten injured while working. He was actually knocked unconscious working on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Overall, when he’s addressed these moments he’s handled them with humor before pushing forward and getting the work done.

As he said, he might be “hurt,” but he’s not injured, and it looks like he’s not slowing down. So, he’s good to go, and it sounds like production on Mercy will continue as planned.

Along with continuing to work on Mercy, Chris Pratt is also promoting his project on the 2024 movie schedule, the new animated comedy Garfield. That flick is slated to premiere on May 24. So, as we all prepare for its theatrical release, make sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates about the actor’s injury, Mercy and his other upcoming projects.