Sleek Announces Partnership with Roaming Hunger to Increase Revenue for Small Businesses

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Sleek's Innovative Technology is Disrupting the Way We Wait in Line, Keeping Customers Safe and Putting Revenue Back in the Pockets of Small Businesses

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sleek, an innovative startup that is disrupting the way we wait in line, is excited to announce its partnership with Roaming Hunger, an online marketplace that enables mobility by connecting food trucks with properties, events, and brands. As food trucks and small businesses are fighting against the COVID pandemic, Sleek and Roaming Hunger are providing solutions for these integral businesses of the U.S. economy to retain revenue and succeed despite unfathomable circumstances.

Sleek, which was initially created to cut down the lines and wait time at large event venues, has pivoted since the pandemic to focus on serving essential and small businesses. Together with Roaming Hunger, the partnership is launching an online ordering system built specifically for mobile food businesses.

"Roaming Hunger has a 10-year history of connecting mobile food businesses with customers and shares Sleek's mission to empower the vendor community and create value for everyone," Sleek CEO and co-founder Spandana Nakka said. "It makes us incredibly excited and honored to be partnered with such an amazing company."

Powered by Sleek's innovative order management and "skip the line" queuing model, the system makes it safe and easy for customers to place orders while helping businesses monetize the experience.

While other marketplaces are driving small businesses to give up nearly 30% commissions for food or online ordering apps, Sleek and Roaming Hunger are focused instead on paying small businesses. When consumers pay a small fee to place an order or jump the line for a shorter wait time, that revenue is shared with the business, driving their profit margins higher.

"Order ahead is an essential tool in today's environment," said Ross Resnick, CEO and Founder of Roaming Hunger. "By working with Sleek we were able to give mobile businesses the ability to take orders in advance, which was a big problem since they move to different locations, often many times in the same day."

"With our partnership with Roaming Hunger, we're able to reach more than 18,000 essential businesses," Nakka said. "We are essentially building our trojan horse strategy to address our market in the post-COVID world"

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About Sleek
Sleek is providing a simple way for people to wait in line. With its deep learning technology, Sleek is able to estimate wait times and provide a way for those in a rush to jump the line for a small fee. With Sleek, businesses and consumers can have a safer, more efficient experience.

About Roaming Hunger
Since 2009 Roaming Hunger has added over 18,000 food trucks, trailers, and carts to its network, and has provided mobile food solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and community events alike. Today the company is focusing on leading the next phase of the mobile food industry and helping small businesses grow through its software, expertise, proprietary data, and locations and placements platform.

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