Is SJP Team Big Or Team Aidan?

Sarah Veldman
Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan on her doorstep
Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan on her doorstep

It's a debate that gets surprisingly serious between Sex and the City fans; who should Carrie Bradshaw have ended up with, Big or Aidan?

Mr. Big was always the classy, suave, mysterious guy who was clearly more suited to Carrie's lifestyle, however, he was always so closed off. He could never really give Carrie what she needed and seemed to play with her emotions.

Despite the fact that he clearly loved her, he went on to marry another woman, Natasha, who was plain and had straight hair compared to Carrie's wild curls.


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Aidan Seemed Like The Perfect Boyfriend

Aidan, on the other hand, seemed like the perfect boyfriend. He was always kind, caring, and the relationship was so "easy" that Carrie actually freaked out about why they didn't argue.

However, he lived a different lifestyle and even tried to take city girl Carrie to a cabin in the woods, which gave us one of our favorite lines from the show: "A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit!"

Carrie disappointed fans when she cheated on Aidan with Mr. Big. Their affair became pretty cringe-inducing after a while, when they started going to seedy motels just to have sex.

SJP Revealed Which Team She Is On

Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw
Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw

Finally, Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw on the show, has graced fans with her opinion on who she thinks the character should have ended up with: Is SJP "Team Aidan" or "Team Big?"

The actress appeared on The Bradshaw Boys podcast recently to dish on her feelings. She said, “As you can imagine, this puts me in a terrible position. There is a very quick and simple answer: You have to be Team Big or Team John (Corbett).”

She answered the question in a very diplomatic way, saying, “I guess, only because you can’t tell a story that long and not in the most conventional way kind of root for that ending. And I love Chris Noth so much, and it felt wonderfully and skillfully written by Michael Patrick."

She Still Understands Why Fans Love Aidan

Despite the fact that she is happy Carrie ended up with Big, she still sees why some fans will forever want to see the character with Aidan.

Sarah Jessica explained, “I loved Aidan. The best of both worlds is in fact having your cake and eating it too. So I feel like I got both teams. Ultimately, Carrie should have ended up with Big, but it was a delight to mess around before she arrived at that.”

The former Sex and the City actress does have a point. It was important to see the contrast between Carrie's other boyfriend with the man she ended up with.

What About Her Own Marriage?

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick
Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick

So, there you have it, Sarah Jessica Parker is "Team Big." It makes one wonder how often she still watches the show.

Perhaps SJP and her husband Matthew Broderick sit down with a big bowl of popcorn at night and binge watch various seasons from the show?

Personally, I can imagine Matthew being "Team Aidan," and the couple arguing over who Carrie should have ended up with.

How does the couple keep their own marriage so strong after a number of years? At the end of 2019, SJP said on The Project, "I really like my husband! We've been together 28 years and I really do like him."

Well, that's definitely a good start! Perhaps this should be mentioned in the couple's therapy sessions.