Singer tries to 'scare neighbor' with creepy song but ends up scaring herself

This haunting song left a singer spooked when she sang it to scare her neighbors. TikToker Lauren Paley has an incredible voice. One day she decided to go into the staircase of her building and sing "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" . The song from 1929 is so upbeat and saccharine it can easily sound creepy when performed in a certain way. Paley's rendition of the tune sounded more operatic than the original. The echo only made her voice sound more powerful. What was most haunting, however, was that as soon as she started singing, she began to hear strange noises in the background. "Came in here to scare my neighbors and ended up scaring myself," Paley said. "Fun fact: Tiny Tim died while singing this song (his biggest hit)," she wrote in the caption. "Now it's famous for being in the horror movie Insidious". "If I was there I would be screaming," a user wrote

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