Singer Neko Case has some harsh thoughts about Bradley Cooper in 'A Star Is Born'

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Photo: Getty Images)
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Photo: Getty Images)

A Star Is Born isn’t in theaters yet, but musician Neko Case already isn’t a fan. The artist, who’s a member of indie rock group the New Pornographers, shared her take on the trailer for A Star Is Born on Saturday, and it’s not exactly positive.

Case seems to take issue with actor and director Bradley Cooper, in particular. “Bradley Cooper is the beige demon who makes sure very standard white dudes get to be in everything,” Case wrote in her tweet. “He turns a scene to damp sugar quicksand with his treacley fingers and convinces you his vile incantations are him speaking some adorable French.”

If it’s not clear from those statements that she’s referring to the trailer, Case clarified in a few followup tweets that she was, indeed, referring to the upcoming movie. And in a different tweet sent early Saturday morning, Case wrote, “I want to vomit into Bradley Cooper’s dewey man-child eyes.” Yikes.

Case didn’t stop there, either. She criticized the trailer’s pauses, noting that’s not how musicians actually perform. “Musicians don’t sing emo songs a foot from another musician’s face with long pauses for ‘feeling,’” Case wrote in another tweet. It sounds like she’s not thrilled that Cooper is starring in the movie, since his background is in acting, not in music.

The singer also responded to the positive reception the movie has gotten so far. Seemingly referring to film critics, Case referred to those who’ve already seen A Star Is Born as “the non-musicians who are experts on musicians.”

When one fan said that musician Lukas Nelson was on set with Cooper to “show him the ropes,” Case responded that Nelson should have starred in the movie instead.

Still, even though Case doesn’t approve of Cooper’s performance in the trailer, it looks like she’s on board with his A Star Is Born co-star, Lady Gaga. Responding to a fan’s tweet, Case wrote, “we need to save Gaga.” And when the same person suggested that the “Poker Face” singer would beat Cooper in a fight, Case wrote, “THATS the movie I wanna see.”

Though she might be its most vocal critic, Case isn’t the only one poking fun at the trailer for A Star Is Born. Its sheer pervasiveness — the trailer really does seem to show up at every movie screening, regardless of genre — makes it ripe for jokes.

There’s even a Twitter account dedicated to A Star Is Born memes, and they’re pretty funny. The account riffs on popular meme formats, like the distracted boyfriend meme and Johny Johny Yes Papa.

A Star Is Born doesn’t hit theaters until Oct. 5, so there’s plenty more time for future memes, and for more opinions from Case. The movie has been pretty well-received thus far. But Case’s words could inspire other musicians to share their take on the trailer too.

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