Singer Natalie Maines' Ex Attempting To Hold Unreleased Dixie Chicks Music Hostage

Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines ex-husband is fighting to hold hostage her unreleased music, because he believes there may be something in it that breaks confidentiality clause in their prenup.

The battle comes during a divorce that has turned nasty between Maines and her ex over finances between the two.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Adrian Pasdar is asking the court to give him copies of all of Maines' unreleased music, "to protect his rights under the confidentiality" in the couple's prenup.

Translation: He wants to hear or see what she may be saying about him or the breakup.

If you're wondering what he may be worried about ... just take a listen to Taylor Swift's last 3 albums.

Maines is shocked by this request simply because Pasdar's entire financial argument is that there is NO PRENUP. He claims it is invalid.

Natalie's lawyers have filed their own documents stating that if Pasdar is successful in tossing out the prenup, there is also no longer any confidentiality.

As we reported, the former "Heroes" star is accusing the singer of refusing to pay up on $450,000 owed to him in their divorce battle.

He claims he is owed retroactive child support for a grand total of $451,783.

Pasdar believes Maines has received huge advance on a new project, which may be connected to the Dixie Chicks.

Normally, we don't take a side in these sort of things, but is there anyone out there that doesn't want more Dixie Chicks music?

Plus, if's its about a break-up it will probably be GREAT.

The couple is set for trial over the issue of the prenup and how to split their fortune. A judge will ultimately decide.