Singer Bobbi Storm Reprimanded By Delta Employee For Talking, Singing On Flight

Delta Airlines and singer, Bobbi Storm, have both received backlash from social media for an incident that took place on a recent flight.

Bobbi was reprimanded by a “flight leader” for continuously talking and trying to sing her new Gospel song to passengers — after learning that she was Grammy-nominated with Maverick City.

Storm posted footage to Instagram on Friday (Nov. 10), where she stood up during the flight to “sing for the Lord.” She declared, “I’m doing what the Lord is telling me to do,” after being asked to “take her seat” and lower her voice several times by the employee. She also wrote in her comment section that she’s “sang on over 50 flights,” declaring that “there were NO LAWS broken here.”

After going back and forth, the flight leader warned her, “If you’re not able to follow my instructions, you will not be able to take this flight.” Bobbi eventually took her seat, but then proceeded to sing her Gospel song “We Can’t Forget Him” anyway, as passengers around her listened and awkwardly clapped.

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Bobbi told passengers that she is “up for two Grammy’s” for featuring on Maverick City Music’s Grammy-nominated album The Maverick Way. She added vocals on the tracks, “Nobody Greater” and “Firm Foundation.”

The group has been nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for “God Problems” featuring Chandler Moore and Naomi Raine. They are also up for Best Gospel Album.

It has not been made clear what Bobbi’s second nomination is for, as the credited vocalists on “God Problems” only include Brandon Lake, Maryanne J. George, Ryan Ofei, Noah Schnacky and the aforementioned Moore and Raine. Bobbi’s name also doesn’t appear in the composition or production credits.

Since the incident social media has become divided, with some siding with Delta’s claims of Bobbi disturbing passengers, and others supporting the singer for expressing her excitement.

“I’m a Christian and a Flight Att. The plane is not a STAGE…God tells us to do things descent & in order…congrats on the Grammy Nomination, but God is a God of order period!,” one person commented as another said, “This is one of the most egotistical things I’ve ever seen. You think because you’re Grammy nominated that rules don’t apply to you and the plane is your stage? Work on that ego sis.”

Someone else wrote, “Imagine the entitlement of thinking you are the only one with something that can bless folks and it happens to be in an airplane where they have no choice but to hear you because they can’t go anywhere?!? This is wildly out of pocket sis! You held these people hostage and used God’s name in a manipulative manner.”

On the flip side, producer Jazze Pha commented, “congratulations baby girl!!!! u gonna get itttt!!!!!” as someone else said, “Lmao he was trippin nobody was complaining about you except him. What a hater! Keep singing girl!”

On Monday (Nov. 13), Delta Airlines released a statement to USA Today that reads, “Delta has been in contact with the customer. For the safety of our customers and crew, it’s always important to follow crew instructions.”

In a follow-up video posted Saturday (Nov. 11), Storm claimed Delta apologized to her and also stated that there were “no rules being broken,” on the flight.

In her comments she urged people to not report the flight attendant as she doesn’t want him “to get fired,” but wants him to “learn a valuable lesson on how to treat other people.”

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