Sinbad makes first public appearance since suffering a stroke: 'Miracles happen'

More than three years after suffering a stroke, Sinbad is stepping back into the spotlight.

The comedian, 67, made his first public appearance since his October 2020 stroke, participating through Zoom in an event last week featuring the cast of "A Different World" at the Atlanta University Center. The classic sitcom's stars recently embarked on a tour of historically Black colleges and universities.

Sinbad, whose real name is David Adkins, subsequently returned to Instagram on Monday, saying in a video message it was "so cool" to appear at this event and "wild" that the students there knew who he was. He also thanked fans for their support amid his recovery.

Sinbad appears at the FOX Summer TCA All-Star Party in California in August 2018.
Sinbad appears at the FOX Summer TCA All-Star Party in California in August 2018.

"Thank you to everybody who's been praying for me and saying good things and supporting me during this time in my life," he said. "It means a lot to me. Thank you so much."

Sinbad's family confirmed in November 2020 that he was recovering from a stroke, saying that while he was "beginning his road to recovery, we are faithful and optimistic that he will bring laughter into our hearts soon."

Comedian Sinbad recovering from recent stroke

By November 2022, a website linked on Sinbad's Instagram provided an update on his status, revealing he suffered an ischemic stroke "as a result of a blood clot that traveled from his heart to his brain." After multiple surgeries, the comedian went into a medically induced coma and was placed on a ventilator.

According to the Mayo Clinic, an ischemic stroke, the most common type of stroke, occurs "when the blood supply to part of the brain is blocked or reduced," preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients.

"For the next several months, Sinbad moved through acute care facilities where he was weaned off the ventilator and eventually cleared to start intense therapy," his website said. "In May of 2021, he was admitted to California Rehabilitation Institute and began physical, occupational, and speech therapy. It was there Sinbad started to make considerable progress toward recovery."

Sinbad learning to walk again two years after suffering stroke: 'I will not stop fighting'

The website noted that the "survival odds from this type of event are approximately 30%." But Sinbad returned home in July 2021, and his progress was said to be "remarkable" as he began learning to walk again. "In his own words, 'I am not done. I will not stop fighting until I can walk across the stage again,'" the website said.

In his Monday Instagram message, Sinbad thanked fans for their supportive words and vowed to respond to those who have reached out to share that they've been going through a similar situation.

"I pray for you, and I understand what it's like," he said. "It's rough."

Sinbad concluded his message by teasing that fans should "expect to see more of me soon," adding, "Miracles happen."

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