'Sin City Saints' Trailer: 'This is A Mismanaged Carnival of Stupidity'

What happens in Vegas won’t be staying in Vegas in Yahoo Screen’s new original series, Sin City Saints. Premiering in its entirety on March 23, the eight episode comedy stars Andrew Santino as high-tech tycoon Jake Tullus, who decides to add “sports franchise owner” to his resume by sinking his fortune into Sin City’s latest attraction: a professional basketball team.

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As this new trailer indicates, though, Jake isn’t completely prepared for playing Papa to a squad of flailing athletes or navigating relationships with the other folks getting up in his business, including Tom Arnold as savvy casino owner Kevin Freeman, and Malin Akerman as no-nonsense lawyer Dusty Halford. “This is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity,” says Dusty. Counters Jake, “If we’re going to lose, at least we’re going to be entertaining.”

Sin City Saints premieres March 23 on Yahoo Screen.