The Simpsons (kind of) responds to claims that Homer will stop choking Bart

The Simpsons
The Simpsons
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The Simpsons

Earlier this week, the internet collectively noticed that Homer hasn’t choked Bart for a while on The Simpsons, with the revelation being prompted by a line in the most recent episode where Homer said that he doesn’t strangle Bart anymore because “times have changed.” It reads like a one-off joke in context, but then people who have stuck with the show in recent years pointed out that Homer hasn’t actually choked Bart onscreen for years—seemingly indicating that, yes, he won’t be doing it anymore.

But today, The Simpsons’ executive producers passed along a response to Variety in the form of a doodle by creator Matt Groening. The image features Bart holding up a phone that says “Simpsons: No more strangling,” while Homer strangles him and says “Why you little clickbaiting!!” The producers also included a note: “Homer Simpsons was unavailable for comment as he was busy strangling Bart.”

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