Simon Cowell claims racy performance is 'the worst act we’ve had' on 'AGT'

Stephen Proctor

On America’s Got Talent, a racy performance turned into one that Simon Cowell called, “the worst act we’ve had.” The performer, Sethward, ran on stage in a caterpillar costume, falling (probably on purpose) as he approached the mic stand, then knocking it over. Simon immediately responded, “What the bloody hell is that?” He soon found out.

Sethward made his way off stage and attempted to engage the crowd and the judges, all the while speaking in an obnoxiously loud voice with some sort of accent, but Simon wasn’t having it. He told the contestant to get back on stage and get on with the performance. Sethward began to act as though he, as a caterpillar, was beginning to emerge from its chrysalis. Based on the faces of the audience, they shared Sethward’s sentiment when he yelled, “Ow! Ow! Oh, it hurts!” And when he emerged, instead of being a beautiful butterfly, he came out as more of an exhibitionist. The only butterfly the TV audience saw was that added post-production to cover what the judges and studio audience unfortunately had to see. As if the looks on everyone’s face didn’t get the point across, Heidi Klum said, “You have a hole in your stockings.” Howie Mandel added, “He’s not wearing any underwear.”

Simon put an end to the madness, declaring, “Sethward, this is the worst act we’ve had. It’s four ‘no’s.’ Goodbye.”

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