Silencil Reviews: Negative Side Effects or Real Tinnitus Aid

Silencil is a natural tinnitus relief supplement that focuses on safe ingredients that are formulated to be effective at reducing and alleviating ringing in the ear side effects, but does it work or are there real scam complaints and risks to be aware of before ordering today?

Chicago, IL, April 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Silencil is a daily supplement for tinnitus to alleviate the ringing in the ears that is caused by inflammation in the brain. The formula, found exclusively at only, primarily includes ingredients that support the brain’s health and prevent the ringing noise associated with tinnitus. By definition, tinnitus is the perception of sound when no external sound is present. It is often described as hearing ringing, buzzing, or hissing.

When you think about tinnitus, some might even wonder does the word “suicide” come to mind? For some people, it certainly might not. But in reality, tinnitus can easily lead to bouts of extreme depression. Some suicides have even been linked to the hearing disorder. It’s easy to understand why tinnitus could drive someone to suicide when we take a closer look at the precise nature of the issue. Tinnitus is a term that applies to a loud ringing in the ears. This ringing often comes from natural damage to the ears that happens as we age. Some studies have found that around 27 percent of elderly people have tinnitus.

Don’t be misled. Tinnitus is not just a problem for old people. Extreme damage to the ears from prolonged exposure to loud noises can also result in tinnitus. Members of the police force and the military are especially likely to develop the condition, due in large part to their proximity to the abrasive noise of gunshots throughout their careers. Tinnitus is also notable for its difficulty to treat. The condition is generally considered permanent. In some cases, damage in the ear is treatable, but the frustrating constant ringing persists, regardless of medication or surgery.

Silencil was apparently created by an elderly man who checked himself into a mental hospital because of his “severe episodes of rage and depression” due to tinnitus. He even held a power drill to his head, desperate to rid himself of the “hellish noise” of tinnitus. This story may or may not be true, but its basic principles remain undeniable. Silencil was the result of this man’s research; the supplement uses natural ingredients to help improve the health of the ears and address the core causes of tinnitus.

While the associations between tinnitus and Covid-19 are starting to appear more and more, where prominent publications are coming out about the analysis indidcating that, "COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has now been linked to many long-term complications, including heart damage, lung damage and neurological disorders. One emerging area of research is whether hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can result from coronavirus infection—either as a symptom or as a complication days or weeks later" per Healthy Hearing. This was based on as how WebMD sourced it, saying, "The findings of this study highlight the complexities associated with experiencing tinnitus and how both internal factors, such as increased anxiety and feelings of loneliness, and external factors, such as changes to daily routines, can have a significant effect on the condition," study author Eldre Beukes said in a news release from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England."

Tinnitus is a frustrating condition, and it is the cause of undue mental strain for millions of people and has had a serious uptick in the number of cases since the start of the pandemic waged on. The last thing we would want is for our readers to fall victim to one of the hundreds of tinnitus supplement scams on the 2021 supplement market. This product review will explain the core facts and research backing Silencil, a new tinnitus supplement being marketed.

It is important know all of the pertinent Silencil research to make an educated and informed decision about the possible upside of using this natural tinnitus relief formula or understanding that it could have negative side effects and serious adverse reactions depending on how severe the setbacks are with the hard to handle ringing in the ears unrest.

What is Silencil?

There’s nothing quite as consistently stressful as hearing the sound of ringing constantly. This issue – more commonly known as tinnitus – may not actually occur in the ears, even though that’s the noise that consumers feel that they are hearing. Instead, the creators behind Silencil state that the ringing stems from the inflammation that can happen in the brain. The only way that consumers can restore their former hearing and improve their mental clarity is to alleviate this inflammation, which is what Silencil aims to do.

Silencil is natural and rather cost-effective, helping users to get the mental clarity that they want. Developed by a pharmaceutical research analyst named Henry Sanders, this formula has the potential to even reduce the risk of brain disorders like dementia. With a five-minute presentation, users learn how to eliminate the buzzing and ringing that plagues them constantly, and it works for consumers of all ages.

It doesn’t matter if the ringing is happening at age 20 or age 80. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if the tinnitus has lasted for weeks or years, and any medical conditions won’t impact it. There’s no approval needed by a doctor, and users don’t have to consider any medical condition when it comes to their healing. All they have to do is indulge in Silencil and enjoy the quiet days ahead.

Henry has been involved with work alongside some of the top specialists and doctors in the world, allowing him to stand witness to major breakthroughs in the industry. This new opportunity to heal from tinnitus is unlike anything he’s seen, and it works for everyone. There’s no visit to the doctor, and the brain experiences incredible hearing that and relief without any other therapies.

Anyone that has taken on the Silencil regimen has found that they have no tinnitus within less than a month. However, since Silencil can support the health of the brain, users that want to nourish the cells and reduce brain-related inflammation should keep up with the regimen for at least 3 months.

What Makes Silencil Effective?

With 28 different ingredients, consumers have the entire remedy condensed into just a capsule that they need to take every day. All of the ingredients deal with some degree of inflammation as it supports the brain. It also positively impacts the central nervous system since it is comprised of 5 major networks of the brain. Strengthening these connections is at the core of what the body needs to eliminate that ringing for good.

Each ingredient in this formula takes on a step in the healing process.

Eliminating inflammation.

Erasing the tinnitus noise.

Increasing mental sharpness.

Protecting against mental illness and related diseases.

Seeing overall health improvements.

Read on below to learn about the impact of each of the stages.

Step One

During the first stage, a nutrient blend of skullcap and hawthorn both contribute to eliminate the inflammation that the brain sustains. This inflammation is torture for the nerve cells, causing the noise that users experience with tinnitus. As users included these two ingredients, the volume of the loud noise will slowly subdue. Though there are many different species of both skullcap and hawthorn, the creator was specific with the strains that they used to beat the inflammation.

Skullcap is frequently included in treatments for insomnia, anxiety, and even strokes. It supports the body against issues like rabies, epilepsy, and muscle spasms. Hawthorn, on the other hand, reduces high blood pressure, and it helps the user to improve their digestion.

Step Two

During the second stage, users add oat straw, Mucuna Pruriens, and Rhodiola rosea. While oat straw provides support for the memory and focus within the brain, it also supports the user’s heart health.

Mucuna Pruriens steps in and protects from additional inflammation, but it also acts as an aphrodisiac. It heals the body of nervous disorders, and it can help with male infertility.

Rhodiola rounds out this step with support for the brain’s neurotransmitters. It prevents fatigue, and it can help stress.

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Step Three

The third step supports the mental sharpness of the user with vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and potassium. This blend of ingredients helps with the strengthening of nerve cells and improved mental clarity, providing a similar effect to that of steroids for the brain. Essentially, it makes the brain feel younger, restoring the performance that it used to have.

B vitamins are essential for the metabolism, turning the nutrients that the body takes in into energy instead. Potassium plays an essential role as well, as they are an electrolyte that needs the muscles healthy and nourished.

Step Four

For the fourth step, users need to create a way to protect themselves from continuing to struggle with tinnitus in the future. To do so, the formula includes GABA, which an essential neurotransmitter for the body to reduce the risk of tinnitus. The remedy also includes L-Theanine, which helps with the use of GABA in the prevention of memory loss, dementia, and other brain-related diseases.

Step Five

In the fifth step, users are already free of tinnitus, but the creators include ashwagandha that can manage blood sugar levels and reduce stress. Consumers will also find chamomile to promote a healthier immune system, though it is just as effective at reducing stress. In fact, it is one of the most popular types of teas to unwind after a long and rigorous day that users just want to unwind from.

Interestingly, Mucuna Pruriens pops up again in this step, helping to promote overall wellness.

Even though the creators don’t mention the rest of the ingredients, each one contributes to the fast healing of tinnitus.

Purchasing Silencil

Ordinarily, consumers would have to pay $99 to get just one bottle of Silencil, but the creators have marked it down to make it more affordable. One must know the most optimal way to ensure customer safety and consumer protection is to visit the official Silencil website at for the best deal and lowest price possible. The packages include:

  • $69 for one bottle

  • $177 for three bottles

  • $294 for six bottles

Users will only have to cover the cost of shipping for one bottle, since the other packages come with free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silencil

How does Silencil help the body?

Silencil helps consumers to reduce inflammation and eliminate chronic tinnitus. The formula includes many different ingredients that help with memory retention and heal dementia. Since tinnitus can be a sign that worse issues are occurring, healing the brain is essential.

Is it safe to take Silencil with other supplements or allergies?

Yes. This formula works well with all ages and medical conditions. There should be no conflict with the current remedies that the user is taking, and they’ll still experience the relief from inflammation. It isn’t invasive, and it requires no approval from a doctor. In fact, there’s no need to engage in a restrictive diet.

Why hasn’t this formula been more well-publicized in the past?

The world of the Big Pharma doesn’t want such an easy solution to be available. In fact, this is not even the first time that Silencil has been made available online. Users that want to start on the regimen may want to stock up so that they can keep taking the formula until their tinnitus is fully eliminated. After all, there’s no guarantee that users will still have access to this supplement tomorrow.

Who will benefit the most from taking Silencil?

The people who will benefit the most will be anyone that has an issue with tinnitus. It doesn’t matter if the individual is young or in their golden years – this remedy regulates the damage in the brain to prevent further issues. It isn’t invasive, and it will help with early onset memory loss.

By simply dealing with the main cause of tinnitus, consumers can help quickly at any age.

How long will consumers have to continue using Silencil to get results?

Most people start to see gradual change right away. Long-lasting results and true healing can take anywhere from one to six months, depending on how severe the case is. The length of time that the user has suffered with tinnitus won’t prevent them from erasing it, but it is possible that they will need to take the supplement for longer.

How do users take Silencil?

Users will only need to take a capsule a day to get results. The capsule should be taken with water.

What if users don’t find relief from Silencil?

Though the creators are fairly confident in how well the Silencil supplement will work, they offer a risk-free guarantee. This guarantee lasts for 60 days, allowing users to get a refund if they need it.

Why should consumers trust Silencil?

So far, 122,000 people have already tried it and found success. Their experiences and lack of side effects both prove how successful the formula is.

How can users purchase the Silencil formula?

The only way to get the Silencil remedy is to purchase the remedy online through the official website.

For consumers that have other questions about this product, send an email to

Final Thoughts

Silencil helps men and women everywhere to eliminate their struggle with tinnitus without having to visit a doctor or get any prescription medication. Made only for adults, users can just take the formula each day to slowly heal the body and eliminate the inflammation that triggers the tinnitus in the first place. All of the ingredients are natural, and they shouldn’t conflict with any of the current medications or supplements that the user is already taking.

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Scientists still don’t really know how to properly treat tinnitus. Supplements sometimes function as glorified wives’ tales, promising easy fixes to complex health issues. However, this does not seem to be the case with Silencil. Evidence linked on the official supplement website does back the claim that several of the key ingredients used in the Silencil formula could help to improve hearing, address tinnitus, and improve overall quality of life in the process.

Should you try Silencil to solve your tinnitus problem? The answer to this question obviously depends on your particular situation. Speak with your doctor to figure out a medical treatment plan if tinnitus is negatively impacting your quality of life. However, many medical professionals now believe that a combination of alternative and traditional treatment methods can yield favorable results in the treatment of tinnitus. If this is true, then Silencil may be a revolutionary opportunity for sufferers of this infuriating condition.

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