Signs That Schwartz Regrets Being Friends With Sandoval

Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube
Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube
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From roommates to business partners, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval have been on quite the friendship journey. The bromance always seemed to be as strong as Hera’s hate for Zeus. That is, until Scandoval rocked them to their core. In March 2023, Vanderpump Rules fans learned that Sandy had been having a secret affair with Rachel Leviss. It also turned out that Schwartz was in on the scandal. The two bar owners just couldn’t recover their footing and are now at odds with one another.

Schwartz Is Resentful

It is no surprise that Schwartz is resentful of what Sandoval did. Sandoval put his desires ahead of their business, costing both of them some major dough. As a main cast member on a popular reality show, Sandoval should be well aware that his actions can have big consequences. Cheating on your girlfriend of nine years isn’t a good look, and it wouldn’t be surprising for fans to take their anger out on Sandoval’s business. That would be all well and good if Sandoval was the only owner of the bar. But Sandoval did have a business partner to consider—one who was also his best friend.

Despite knowing the potential repercussions, Sandoval continued his affair, putting his and Schwartz’s business in jeopardy. Plus, after Scandoval exploded and Schwartz & Sandy’s started taking hits, Sandoval bounced. Instead of apologizing and sticking around when times got tough, Sandy ran off to tour with his band, leaving Schwartz with a major burden. This move has caused Schwartz to reevaluate his friendship.

Schwartz Was Used as a Human Shield

During a sit down with his old co-star, Jax Taylor, on his When Reality Hits podcast, T-Schwa noted that even though he had stood by Sandy, the two hadn’t spoken in “a little while.” Schwartz opened up about his true feelings. “He made a big mess, and he left it for us to clean up,” Schwartz admitted. “It’s hard for me not to be resentful of him…I’m taking a break from Tom right now.”

This statement is a huge sign that the dog dad is not okay with how his friendship has been going. Taking time to reflect should actually shine a brighter light on just how badly Schwartz has been treated over the years.

Jax pointed out that Schwartz has been taken advantage of for years by Sandy because he was just too kind of a person. Schwartz agreed, admitting he has felt “used” over the last few months. He didn’t hold back as he noted, “In this case in particular, I really do feel like he exploited me,” sharing that he became an “unfortunate confidant” in the “vile” affair.

Who Goes on Tour Amid a Scandal?

Schwartz has a bone to pick with Sandoval, and it has to do with him going on tour with his band. Steven Tyler can breathe a sigh of relief as the cover band is clearly a hobby with no real direct line to becoming a rockstar. Yet Sandoval seriously felt a good use of his time was to sing on stage. What a nut!

Schwartz also made a mental note about Tom skipping out of town. “I know he’s very passionate about the band, but the optics of it — not even from my point of view, but people see that he’s up there and he’s singing his heart out with his shirt off,” Schwartz revealed on the podcast. “It just looks like he has no contrition; it looks like he just doesn’t give a fu*k, and he is living out his rockstar dreams.”

I hate to break it to you, Tom, but Sandoval doesn’t a fu*k. Not one.

Sandy Is an Abuser

The main reason Tom should be rethinking his relationship with Sandoval is that it wasn’t Katie Maloney who left him as a battered wife. It was Sandy. I came to the realization, as I think Schwartz also has, after binge-watching earlier seasons. It was clear Sandoval was taking advantage of, manipulating, gaslighting, and isolating Tom Schwartz.

If you think back, it was Sandoval who continued to delay the opening of their new bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s, even though it was bleeding money, all in the name of a creative direction. When Sandoval went on tour, it showed that he was more than happy to leave his friend unable to act on their shared obligations. Good friends don’t make you feel like shit.

This friendship is held together by duct tape; it became obvious that Schwartz was developing more of a voice but was unable to speak up because he was already silenced by Tom Sandoval. The most messed up thing is it is quite obvious that Sandy even played a part in Schwartz’s divorce.

I think Schwartz really has to take stock of what defines a good friend for him. He can no longer deny that he has been manipulated to the ends of the earth, and while he may be unaware of the insidious cloud that is Sandoval, I think he is realizing he can no longer stay best friends with a man who abandoned him, put his business in jeopardy, and made him look stupid.


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