Signs That Ben Willoughby Will Be Promoted on Below Deck

Ben Willoughby and Jared Woodin, Below Deck Season 11

Ben Willoughby has just returned for his second season on Below Deck. In Season 10, we watched as Ben struggled with matters of the heart. Now, Ben is once again struggling in Season 11. This time though, it’s with his new boss, Jared Woodin, who already seems a bit overwhelmed in just the first episode alone.

We suspect that Jared is going to walk the dock soon. At this point, we believe that Ben and his hair will slip right into Jared’s position. In fact, we are going to go ahead and stake a lot on this assumption. To explain why we feel this way, here are the signs that we think point towards Ben becoming a Bosun on Below Deck Season 11.

The Firing of the Current Bosun Is Obvious

Jared came onboard with 11 years of experience. However, as he stated in the first episode, the bulk of his experience was on smaller vessels. One debacle has already occurred on his watch, stemming from a miscommunication issue with Ben. We blame Ben on this, mostly.

Yet, Jared should have properly briefed his team prior to the releasing of the shackles. If he had, maybe Ben would have told him the correct number that Captain Kerry Titheradge had deemed fit. Or not. Either way, it’s clear that Jared wants to do well, but that he’s ill-equipped, coming from smaller boats and all.

Did anyone else catch Jared in the sneak peek on the phone with a random human, saying “I’m doing ok. I could be a little better?” He for sure could be doing a little bit better on deck. But also, we chuckled for you here, Jared. We get it.

Oh yea. Also, we looked Jared up online. Bravo didn’t include him in their cast lineup, so basically, we think that he’s toast, and soon. This leads us to his replacement, Ben.

Ben Already Has Experience as a Bosun

As Ben pointed out in the Season 11 premiere, he’s already worked his way up to being a Bosun. Yet, Ben is just the Lead Deckhand this season, which is a demotion. Clearly, he’s a bit offended by this oversight from the casting department, so he’s now showing off his annoyance towards his current boss, Jared. In speaking to his fellow deckhand Sunny Marquis about their department head, Ben lamented, “I’m sorry, but I feel dumber when I’m around him.”

Overall, Ben is the most qualified deckhand to take on the Bosun position if Jared is fired. So slide on in, Ben likely will. It’s almost as if this was a pre-planned storyline, but we’ll save our conspiracy theories for another day.

In the Sneak Peek, Future Ben Spoke as a Head

Fraser Olender is the department head for the interior team. He is the one that Captain Kerry would turn to, should any issues arrive within that department. In the same manner, the head of the exterior team would also be the one held responsible for their crew members. If anyone was fired, or even in trouble, this person would be the one most equipped to speak on it.

In the sneak peek, we can see Fraser going toe to toe with Ben. In this argument, Fraser asks Ben to avoid the drama that’s going down between his team members. Quick with an angry rebuttal, Ben replies “You’ve had way more people let go on your side. End of story.”

Ben’s words made it seem like he owns a side. Basically, he is speaking as if he is the head of the exterior team in these episodes that lie ahead. This is just another sign that Ben will eventually take on the Bosun position during Below Deck Season 11.

In an Interview, Fraser Called Ben a Department Head

Listen, Ben is good at his job. He’s qualified, and he’s also got a definite love for yachting. On the flip side though, Season 10 showed us that he isn’t above the fray, as he created some drama onboard. So, on his potential leadership skills, we’re just not sold, yet.

It’s not up to us though. Currently, all signs are indeed pointing towards Ben getting this promotion, whether he’s ready for it or not. In fact, Fraser gave us the biggest tip-off yet on this extra epaulet being added on for Ben. You see, Fraser spoke to E! News, and his words were very, very telling on this matter.

“I think Ben kind of felt like, he kind of enjoyed tormenting me this year. Working so close with each other as heads of departments, you’re going to have your differences. We work through those, but there’s definitely some tension there,” Fraser said, and WOAH. There it is, as Fraser has just called both himself and Ben the “heads of departments.”

In our opinion, this is more than just a sign. It’s a fact. Ben will be promoted to the Bosun position at some point on Below Deck Season 11.


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