'Signed' Contestants Kaiya and Just Brittany Respond After Rick Ross Is Accused of Colorism

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Tara C. Mahadevan
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Image via Getty/Noam Galai

Rick Ross came under fire last week when a clip from his failed 2017 VH1 competition Signed went viral.

The video spotlights two contestants—Just Brittany and Kaiya—performing for Ross, The-Dream, and Lenny S, who were serving as judges on the show and looking to sign a new R&B star.

Just Brittany is the first to sing her song, and though she’s pretty off-key, Ross tells her, “Your future is bright,” with The-Dream and Lenny providing similar remarks. Kaiya then performs her song, and though she is clearly skilled, Ross interrupts her and says, “That wasn’t the best platform for your voice.”

Though the clip didn’t show the series in a positive light, Kaiya said she gained valuable lessons and relationships from Signed.

“[It was] very positive,” she continued. “I’ve met some really talented people, we have developed friendships and keep in touch. The guidance and critiques, I’ve received on my overall performance have been invaluable. I’ve never stopped performing. I’m currently writing original songs. I’m also reaching out to other songwriters and producers. I’m perfecting my sound every day. I’m achieving this by taking personal experiences, over the years, and putting them to music.”

Brittany also commented on the viral video. “That’s me in the orange hair,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m happy this video is making its rounds and I want to say that colorism definitely plays a role in lighter skinned women, like myself, having more access in the industry. Kaiya is extremely talented and I wish darker women were seen more.”

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