Sienna Miller Says Aging in Hollywood Is a Blessing: 'You’re Not Just Something in a Skirt'

Sienna Miller has come a long way from her headline-making beginnings in Hollywood — from an it girl ingenue in the early aughts, to a critically-acclaimed actress starring in several buzz-worthy projects.

“I’m older and a little more boring,” Miller, 37, says with a laugh of the positive shift in her media coverage. “Getting older is relieving. People are more willing to see you as a talented human being and not just something in a skirt. It’s a relief.”

The actress, whose romantic life used to receive more attention than her professional one, is receiving rave reviews for her performance in American Woman, in which she plays a downtrodden mother looking for her missing daughter.

“I know it’s centered around the loss, but really the movie is about love and family and resilience,” she says. “[It’s] beautiful to see these female characters and all of their mess. It was such a labor of love, [and] the thing I’m proudest of in my whole career.”

Sienna Miller in American Woman | Roadside Attractions
Sienna Miller in American Woman | Roadside Attractions

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Miller says she has started to feel a positive wave of change in the industry — both in the variety of opportunities being created for people from different backgrounds, but also in how the media covers them.

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“Women are feeling more empowered to do things. I’m kind of on the precipice of it,” she admits, adding that she feels the media have become less invasive than they were earlier in her career.

“I was victimized to sell newspapers,” she says. “That part of it has died down and has cleared the space for me to do what I always wanted to do which was act.”

Currently Miller is relishing the range of women she is playing in film and on television.

“They’re very different people,” she says. “I feel very fortunate to be trusted to do that.”

American Woman is now in theaters. The Loudest Voice premieres June 30 on Showtime.