After Shutting Down Breakup Rumors, Tom Holland Made An Adorable Revelation About The Way He And Zendaya Fondly Rewatch Their “Special” First “Spider-Man” Movie

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Long before things eventually got romantic between them, Tom Holland and Zendaya were known publicly as the best of friends.

Tom Holland playfully gesturing towards Zendaya on the red carpet
Dave Benett / Getty Images

Of course, the pair met and started working together when they were cast as Spider-Man and MJ in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). In the past, Spidey and Mary Jane Watson actors Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, and then Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, ended up having off-screen romances after starring in their respective films — so naturally, people wondered if something similar would occur with Tom and Zendaya.

Closeup of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

But for years, Zendaya and Tom denied rumors that things between them were anything but platonic.

Closeup of Zenday and Tom Holland
Juan Naharro Gimenez / WireImage

At one point, in 2017, it was reported that the pair were dating and going on vacations together. However, Zendaya wasted no time laughing the whole thing off, even tagging Tom in her response on Twitter (now known as X).

But fast-forward to July 2021, and things had clearly taken a turn: Tom and Zendaya were photographed kissing in a car by paparazzi, seemingly confirming that they were an item.

Closeup of Zendaya and Tom Holland
Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

From this point onwards, Zendaya and Tom went on to gush about each other in interviews and on social media, while eventually stepping out on red carpets together, too.

Closeup of Zendaya and Tom Holland
Karwai Tang / WireImage

And reflecting on their relationship today, Tom has made an adorable revelation about the way he and Zendaya fondly look back on their first ever Spider-Man movie.

Closeup of Tom Holland
Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Speaking with Extra over the weekend, Tom said, “Zendaya and I will, every now and then, watch Spider-Man 1 and reminisce about being 19 and making those movies again.”

Tom as "Spider-Man" carrying Zendaya
Mediapunch / GC Images

“I love those movies, and I love savoring those moments, so I try not to watch them as often as I would maybe like to because it’s so special,” he continued. “It's such a luxury, such a gift to be able to sit down and sort of relive your youth.”

Closeup of Zendaya and Tom Holland
Dave Benett / Dave Benett / WireImage

“I wouldn’t be the man I am today without that job,” he added.

When asked if he and Zendaya have watched his 2023 Apple TV+ series The Crowded Room together, Tom revealed that he often sent her episodes while it was being edited to ask for her thoughts.

Screenshot from "The Crowded Room"
Jose Perez / GC Images

“She watched this series with me while we were editing it,” he said. “I would send her episodes and ask her what she thought, so she definitely has seen it more times than I would have expected her to see it.”

Closeup of Zendaya
Marc Piasecki / WireImage

“When it aired, I was proud of the show... I didn’t watch it,” Tom added. The actor has previously addressed the onslaught of negative reviews that The Crowded Room received, as well as his “difficult” experience filming the series.

Closeup of Tom Holland
Lionel Hahn / Getty Images

Tom’s latest comments come just days after he firmly shut down rumors that he and Zendaya had split up.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

The speculation came after Zendaya unfollowed everyone on Instagram, including Tom. However, when asked if they had parted ways by a TMZ paparazzo on Friday, Tom said: “No, no, no, absolutely not.”

Closeup of Tom Holland and Zendaya
Gotham / GC Images

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