Will Shuri Be the Black Panther in 'Black Panther 2?

Since 'Avengers: Endgame' came out, we now know that T'Challa, a.k.a, the Black Panther is alive and well after being resurrected once Thanos's Snap was reversed. Likewise, T'Challa's younger tech-genius sister, Shuri was also brought back after it was confirmed that she had also vanished in the Snap during 'Infinity War.' There is going to be a 'Black Panther 2', so we can be assured that both beloved characters will appear. "Black Panther 2' is scheduled to be released in 2022.

Are We Getting a New Black Panther?

The rumors are rolling in, and it does sound as though we will be getting another Black Panther. And who will be stepping up? Shuri, of course! After seeing Letitia Wright's performance in the first Black Panther movie, Shuri gained a massive following and a great fanbase, particularly among women and young girls.

Shuri was a principal player in "Black Panther' and in the last two Avengers movies. Without Shuri's brilliance and tech know-how, the Avengers would have been in a lot more trouble. The girl could give Tony Stark a run for his money.

It Would Be Canon In the Comics

If Shuri is going to be the new "Black Panther' in the MCU, it would certainly be consistent with the comics. Shuri is indeed a major player in the comics as well as in the MCU.

In the comics, T'Challa is critically injured in a fight with Dr. Doom, leaving Shuri to take up the mask and become the new Black Panther in order to defend Wakanda.

Dr. Doom is the rumored villain of 'Black Panther 2,' so the MCU might be following that very same comic book storyline.

What Two Black Panthers Would Mean For the Film

It doesn't look like we'll have to worry about losing T'Challa altogether even if Shuri becomes the new Black Panther. T'Challa could be away performing "royal duties" when Wakanda comes under attack. If the MCU is going strictly by the comics, then yes, we might see T'Challa injured by Dr. Doom, forcing Shuri into the role.

But again, it doesn't look like T'Challa will be killed off, not right after he's been resurrected. But maybe we'll get the awesome sight of seeing a brother-sister team up, both as Black Panthers.

Letitia Wright is Ready to Go

It sounds like Letitia Wright herself is ready to become the Black Panther as soon as she's called upon. There was already talk of Shuri becoming the new Black Panther more than a year ago. During a Marvel Comic-con in 2018, Wright was asked if she was ready to step up as the new leader of Wakanda. Her answer?

"To be comic-book accurate, yes," she said slyly.

Given Shuri's overwhelming popularity among fans, it seems that they would be more than happy to see her in this new role as Wakanda's leader and protector.