Shopping For A Stoner? Here Are The 37 Best Gifts For Weed Smokers

Stoners have 4/20 as a holiday, but anyone that smokes knows that it it’s a year-round hobby. As marijuana continues to get legalized in many states, people’s minds are opening up more and more about it and more of us are smoking weed, or at least more of us know people who do. When a birthday or Christmas roll around, you might find shopping for stoner daunting. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to buying weed and chances are they won’t need any more basic supplies. But gifts for weed smokers can come down to a lot more than an eighth or some rolling papers.

To help you out in your decision, below, we’ve compiled a list of 37 of the best gifts for weed smokers out there right now.

Gifts for Weed Smokers at a Glance:

For the Futuristic Smoker - Hitoki Trident Laser

For the Smoker on the Go - Sackville & Co. Carry Case Keychain

For the Sneakerheads - Nike Reverse Skunk 420

A Good Coffee Table Book - A Weed Is A Flower Book

A Classic Gift for a Weed Smoker - Zippo Customized Lighter

1. 16” Teen Pot Plant

Image credit: Pot Plant

Be Prepared To Answer Questions

This is a faux pot plant that looks incredibly real, even when close up. There are even small buds featuring trichomes, which add to that realness. This makes a great addition to a house and will certainly intrigue any guests that see it.

Buy now at pot plant, $59

2. Hitoki Trident Laser

Image credit: Hitoki

For The Futuristic Smoker

With this insane product, Hitoki introduces what they call “the first clean laser combustion smoking device” and the smoking experience is something between a bong and vaping. It eliminates butane lighter with pure light energy and looks like something from 50 years in the future. This is one of the great gifts for weed smokers who like a little light show while they rip.

Buy now at hitoki, $499.99

3. Houseplant Car Lighter

Image credit: Houseplant

For Nostalgic Purposes

If the person you’re buying for has had a nostalgic experience using an old car lighter, then you might be able to take them back to the good old days with this car lighter from Houseplant. It operates the exact same way as they’ll remember and is a vintage experience.

Buy now at houseplant, $280

4. Houseplant Pebble Match Strike

Image credit: Houseplant

For A Holder That Rocks

Also from Houseplant, this is a cast iron product that looks like a smaller stone sat upon a larger stone, but when inspected further, reveals itself to be a match holder, a match striker and an ash tray, all in one.

Buy now at houseplant, $125

5. Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

Image credit: Stündenglass

The great thing about the Gravity Infuser is just how versatile it is. It’s compatibly with mixology, culinary, hookah and aromatherapy and as long as you have a 14mm male joint, it can connect to any smoking or vaporization device, offering a steady stream of smoke consistently.

Buy now at stundenglass, $599.95

6. G Pen Dash Vaporizer

Image credit: G Pen

Good Things Come In Small Packages

With the G Pen Dash, all you need to do once the device is registered and fully charged is load some finely grounded weed into the chamber, attach the mouthpiece, select a temperature and smoke away. It’s lightweight and discreet, which is a must. This is one of many great gifts for weed smokers on the go or who prefer vaping.

Buy now at g pen, $69.95

7. Sackvile and Co. Carry Case Keychain

Image credit: Bespoke Post

For the Smoker on the Go

For when you’ve rolled a joint but don’t feel like tucking it behind your ear. The great thing about this keychain is it looks good enough to be something you have just because of its design, but it functions as a waterproof, airtight compartment for your joint, keeping it fresh for whenever you feel like smoking.

Buy now at sackville, $20

8. Tyson Exhale Tee

Image credit: Shop Tyson 2.0

For the Fighting Fans

Tyson’s rebrand with his podcast and cannabis brand have been done really well and now as well as a cultural icon, he’s an ambassador for weed too. This official tee from his site is made from 100%, pre-shrunk, 5.5oz premium cotton and is a subtle gift that you don’t even have to be a stoner to appreciate.

Buy now at tyson, $30

9. Investing In Cannabis For Dummies

Image credit: Amazon

For The Financially Conscious

Of course, there’s more to weed than just smoking it. Cannabis is now a a titan in business, with the global cannabis market projected to reach $197.74 billion by 2028. For that friend that might want a good investment opportunity, try Investing In Cannabis For Dummies. It covers topics like common scams, how to judge a cannabis company and more.

Buy now at amazon, $23.63

10. HEM Cannabis Incense Sticks

Image credit: Amazon

For Those Who Love the Smell

These incense sticks are hand rolled and sourced from the natural oils of the cannabis flower, with a scent that’s a little sweet and warm, perfect for relaxing you. There are 120 sticks in a pack.

Buy now at amazon, $5.99

11. American Trends Weed Leaf Cotton Socks

Image credit: Amazon

A No-Brainer Choice

For something a little more light-hearted, these weed leaf cotton socks are great for lounging in and are made from a soft, breathable, durable material that will keep you comfortable and warm all day. This is one of the easiest gifts for weed smokers who are hard to shop for.

Buy now at amazon, $12.49

12. High Art: The Definitive Guide To Getting Cultured With Cannabis

Image credit: Amazon

Higher Learning

Getting high and going to an art gallery is something that every stoner has thought about or done at least once and with this High Art book, you can bring the art right to you. It pairs art from around the world with cannabis recommendations.

Buy now at amazon, $15.99

13. Nike Reverse Skunk 420

Image credit: StockX

For the Sneakerheads

Not only are these sneakers made in purple and green, but there were 420 pairs made and they were released on 4/20 in 2020. These were sold exclusively at a skate shop in Minneapolis and prices are exorbitant and their limited availability means they’re expensive. Good luck.

Buy now at stockx, $1,000+

14. Higher Standards Jonathan Adler Coasters

Image credit: Higher Standards

Because Stains Are Never Cool, High Or Not

Jonathan Adler and Higher Standards have teamed up here to craft a set of 4 handmade, durable coasters with some cool on-glaze designs. They’re heat resistant so not only could you use them for your drinks, but for smoking materials too.

Buy now at higher standards, $80

15. The Vegan Stoner Cookbook 2

Image credit: Amazon

For When The Munchies Attack

You might be wondering what’s different about a stoner cookbook over a regular cookbook. Well, the recipes here are especially easy and convenient, so much so that you could smoke a blunt and then cook from there. They require less ingredients but are still packed with a hell of a lot of flavor.

Buy now at amazon, $11.99

16. Buy Weed From Women Support Women Shirt

Image credit: Buy Weed From Women

From Women, For Everyone

Buy Weed From Women is a business that stemmed from an idea to change the narrative around cannabis. To support the cause and help put people onto the brand, check out this white long sleeve that’s hand screen printed with their brand and philosophy.

Buy now at buy weed from women, $50

17. Glass Fruit Pipe

Image credit: Edie Parker Flower

One Of Your Five A Day

Made from borosilicate glass, this glass fruit pipe is one of the more unique and stylish ways to light up. This model is an orange but the sit also sells models that resemble bananas, cherries and grapes, if they’re more you.

Buy now at edie parker flower, $115

18. A Weed Is A Flower Book

Image credit: Broccoli

A Good Coffee Table Book

20th century poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox said that “a weed is but an unloved flower” and running with that idea is this book of cannabis photography. It’s a coffee table book that puts a focus on the aesthetic of cannabis, acknowledging that it’s just like any other plant out there.

Buy now at broccoli mag, $35

19. GR8TR Jar Body Grinder

Image credit: Ryot

Versatility At Its Best

For a grinder that truly does it all, check out this one from GR8TR. It features spare grinder plate storage, top lid bonus storage, a deep-dish grinding chamber and more. In each of its colors, it is a treat to look at, but combines aesthetic with supreme functionality.

Buy now at ryot, $95

20. DISSIM Inverted Lighter

Image credit: Huckberry

Light Up From Any Angle

Most smokers use a cheap lighter from the corner store but with this DISSIM Inverted Lighter, you could change that forever. It has a specific grip for your finger to sit perfectly and safely and it means that you can now light things upside down – like a candle – without the risk of burning your fingers. It uses standard butane fuel so you can refill it and has an adjustable flame level too.

Buy now at huckberry, $48

21. Ryot Flat Pack

Image credit: Ryot

To Avoid Paranoia

For a bag that’s discreet, waterproof and smell proof, the Ryot Flat Pack is the perfect choice. It’s lockable and has a durable exterior so that there’s no risk of it getting worn out in heavy use.

Buy now at ryot, $35

22. Grounded Blue Jelly Rolling Stand

Image credit: Sackville and Co.

To Assist in Rolling

This rolling stand is tilted towards the middle so that any weed that doesn’t make it into your rollup doesn’t go wasted. The vibrant blue color makes it a great piece to leave on your table too.

Buy now at sackville, $20

23. HIGH Ball

Image credit: Amazon

Smoke Hard, Play Hard

The HIGH Ball, as the name suggests, is specifically designed to be played while stoned. It’s a game that involves you bringing the indicated color to the top of the ball. There are two modes – High and Really High – and 8 levels to go through.

Buy now at amazon, $39.99

24. Frito-Lay Munchies Snack Mix

Image credit: Amazon

Just One More…

The clue really is in the name here. This Munchies mix of Frito Lay’s cheesiest flavors makes for the perfect snack while high. There are 4 packs so that there’s a slight chance they last more than one smoke session.

Buy now at amazon, $31.40

25. Mind Of A Stoner Displate

Image credit: Displate

High As An Astronaut

Displate is a great idea which means that you can have the feel of great posters in your room without having to struggle with the wall. The images are magnetic and can be removed and changed very easily. This Mind Of A Stoner design will catch most people’s eye at a glance.

Buy now at displate, $44

26. Herb Guard

Image credit: Amazon

Hold Your Weed In Style

If you want to keep your weed somewhere at home other than in a Ziploc, try out the Herb guard. With the product, you get a resealable travel bag, a humidity pack and jar labels. The jar itself is made with UV coated protective glass and will keep your goods fresh as a result.

Buy now at amazon, $25

27. Personalized Zippo Lighter

Image credit: Zippo

A Classic Gift for a Weed Smoker

For a more sentimental gift, perhaps your stoner friend would appreciate a personalised Zippo lighter that’ll make them think of you every time they light up. You can add texts, images and shapes to make things as personal as possible.

Buy now at Zippo, $32.90

28. Daily High Club Subscription

Image credit: Daily High Club

Monthly High Club

The Daily High Club is a service that delivers smoking supplies to your front door each and every month for a subscription fee. They have multiple options with items like lighters, sticker sets, filter tips, natural papers, odor sprays and a whole lot more.

Buy now at Daily High Club, $29.99

29. Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

Image credit: Amazon

For The Laziest Of Smokers

There’s something intimate about using a standard grinder or even your fingers to grind your weed, but this is a cool piece of technology regardless. Simply put, Mamba’s electric grinder grinds your weed for you very conveniently and lets you easily place it into the paper with no spillage.

Buy now at amazon, $36.99

30. Serpent Lighter Holder Keychain

Image credit: Kara

For the Friend That Always Loses Their Lighter

For that friend that smokes but always loses their lighter, this keychain has a serpent design that holds it in place so you won’t ever forget it.

Buy now at kara, $38

31. Joy Organics Organic CBD Gummies

Image credit: Joy Organics

Your New One-A-Day

These CBD gummies have 0.0% THC and will take the edge off a little, with 10mg of CBD per serving. These are also legal everywhere, so they don’t require the discretion weed sometimes does.

Buy now at joy organics, $27.97

32. Dr. Dre 2001 Vinyl

Image credit: Walmart

Relive The ‘Up In Smoke Tour’

For many, music is a must while smoking and Dr. Dre’s 2001 is arguably one of the best weed-related albums of all time. Getting this for a friend on vinyl will give them hours of entertainment.

Buy now at walmart, $28.79

33. Superette High Summer Woven Blanket

Image credit: Superette Shop

For a Beach/Park Day

This woven blanket from Superette is a throw that’s perfect for throwing down while smoking in the park or on yourself at home too. It can survive the outdoors because it’s very durable and is soft to the touch, made from 100% east care cotton.

Buy now at superette, $129.99

34. Swisher Sweets Cigarillos

Image credit: Tobacco Stock

A Gift That Needs No Introduction

For your friend that likes to push the tobacco out of Swisher Sweets and smoke weed in them, a pack of them is always welcome.

Buy now at tobacco stock, $21.49

35. Elevate Jane Mimi

Image credit: Elevate Jane

A High-Functioning Bong

This is a particularly sleek bong that fits ergonomically in your hand and is a simple but artistic. This is a great everyday piece with a 14mm bowl and a height of 12 inches.

Buy now at elevate jane, $179

36. Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate

Image credit: Lulu's Chocolate

Who Knew Chocolate Could Get Better?

This CBD chocolate is raw, vegan and organic. It contains 80mg of full spectrum CBD and is made with Colorado Sungrown Hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC. To wrap things up nicely, the wrapper is 100% biodegradable. This is a nice example of the new kinds of gifts for weed smokers that don't actually rely on smoking.

Buy now at lulus, $9.99

37. Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

Image credit: Smokebuddy

Your New Best Friend

Last but not least is a Smokebuddy, something you might have heard of even if you’re not a smoker yourself. It’s an air filter that, if you smoke into it, will have air come out the other end without an odor and without second hand smoke. This is a great example of the kinds of gifts for weed smokers who want to smoke in public without drawing to much attention to themselves or want to smoke indoors without hotboxing.

Buy now at smokebuddy, $24.95