The Shoe Surgeon and Bentley Motors Announce Bespoke Design Collab

Bentley Motors and Dominic Ciambrone, a.k.a. The Shoe Surgeon, have partnered up for a new bespoke design collaboration.

As part of the mutually emboldening creative pairing, Bentley has worked with Dominic’s The Surgeon collective to bring to life a limited run of sneakers. Also born out of this partnership is a one-of-one Bentley Mulliner, which is slated to be unveiled next month amid Art Basel Miami festivities.

“There are so many similarities between Bentley and The Surgeon,” Dominic said of this latest project. “It’s the respect for the craft, the quality, and the integrity. The whole factory is just an amazing place to visit—to see passionate humans creating, showing their art, and showing what they’re into with the different processes. That energy is just next level.”

Starting Thursday, an official sign-up link is available for those looking to follow the collaboration and receive email updates.

On Dec. 3, as mentioned above, the Surgeon-ified Bentley Mulliner will be revealed, as will another pair of sneakers inspired by the collaborative vehicle’s design.

The Bentley project, of course, is far from the first collaborative experience helmed by Dominic and his team. Earlier this month, for example, the NFL announced their My Cause My Cleats collaboration with the designer.

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