‘A Shitstorm’: Astrologers Say Election Day’s Blood Moon Eclipse Spells Chaos

election-astrology-blood-moon-eclipse.jpg USA - Full Total Lunar Eclipse - Credit: Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis/Getty Images
election-astrology-blood-moon-eclipse.jpg USA - Full Total Lunar Eclipse - Credit: Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis/Getty Images

Before dawn on Election Day, the full moon will appear drenched in blood. Our satellite will begin transitioning behind the Earth’s penumbra at exactly two minutes past midnight Pacific Time on November 8th, according to NASA, and remain fully obscured — cast in an ominous sanguine hue — from 5:17 until 6:42 a.m. Eastern. It’s the last total lunar eclipse for three years. The whole thing sounds like the setting for a particularly deranged Q drop, so we sought some reassurance from the experts: astrologers. Unfortunately, the astrologers didn’t have much reassurance to offer.

“Nobody asked me, but I would not pick an eclipse day to have an election on,” Chani Nicholas, of the mononymous astrology empire, says. “Historically, eclipses were looked at as ‘bad omens’ — definitely not times to do major things.”

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“I’ll be honest, I’m very nervous,” Tali Edut, one half of the AstroTwins, says. “No matter which way it goes, there’s an eruptive quality to it.”

In an email, Susan Miller, of AstrologyZone, said she was in disbelief when she first noticed  Election Day’s astrological conditions: “We are not polarized enough, right?”

Everyone seemed to agree: energetically, Election Day is poised for chaos. “It will be a mess,” says Sam Reynolds of Unlock Astrology. “A shit show,” Zoe Cardiff of Triple Goddess Astrology agrees. She rattles off a few ways that could manifest: “Contested results. ‘Too close to call.’ Recounts. Disagreements on the outcome for sure. Everyone being really pissed off and in their corners.”

In astrology, lunar eclipses are taken seriously, Cardiff explains, because they represent “fated changes in direction” often around the themes of the signs with which they are associated. This total lunar eclipse is taking place in conservative Taurus — a sign that is known for ruling “the economy, finance, currency, cryptocurrency, climate, natural resources, the supply chain,” Cardiff says. At the same time, the Moon is conjunct with Uranus, the planet of disruption and change and revolution and upheaval.

“Whenever the Moon is at a close degree to the sign of another planet,” Edut explains, “It’s almost like they’re in cahoots. They’re two actors in the same scene. This eclipse is at the same degree of Taurus as Uranus is, so it’s like this extra Molotov cocktail thrown into the mix.”

Several astrologers pointed out another unsettling aspect: this eclipse is occurring as Uranus moves through Taurus. The reason that’s frightening, Nicholas explains, is because the last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934 to 1942.  “A moment of totalitarianism, Nazism, extremism, and fascism,” Nicholas says. “It really dovetailed with this very iron-fisted period in history,” Edut agrees.

“Astrologers have — we have all — noticed this link, and a lot of people predicted a kind of rise of that type of sentiment,” Nicholas says. This particular eclipse, she says, is practically engineered to highlight those dynamics. “Our job is to take that very seriously. Our job is to not look away from the white supremacist, white nationalist, Nazi rhetoric that is infiltrating a lot of different air waves.”

If that weren’t enough, Jessica Lanyadoo, astrologer and host of Ghost of a Podcast, points out that this election is also taking place amidst the United States’ Pluto return — the point at which the planet returns to the station it was in at the moment of one’s birth. “Pluto takes approximately 250 years to move all the way through the 12 Zodiac signs, so people never have Pluto returns — but nations do,” Lanyadoo says. “Not to get too in the weeds with this, I can tell you that Pluto returns often coincide with the fall of a nation.”

“When this transit occurs, it demands that a nation is willing and able to confront their shadow,” Lanyadoo says. “And in the United States, we have a really deep shadow of racism and violence and genocide.”

And there is one more aspect astrologers say has to be considered: A Mercury Cazimi — the point at which Mercury, the messenger planet, “is exactly conjoined the Sun, from the Earth’s perspective,” Reynolds explains — is also occurring the same day.

“That’s very rare that you would have a total lunar eclipse and Mercury Cazimi happening at the same time, and, as it’s happening, a midterm election that is so important,” Nicholas says. “It’s loaded.”

Mercury Cazimi, Nicholas says, is “usually a moment of insight and clarity, and it’s happening in Scorpio. Scorpio is all about mystery and secrets and what you can’t know or see until it comes to light. So it also feels like there’s some sort of secret or something being revealed.”

Every astrologer consulted agreed that the eclipse portends an unexpected result. “If this eclipse is describing an event, it’s describing an upset,” Nicholas says. “But I don’t know who it’s an upset for.”

Lanyadoo wouldn’t venture a guess either. “The energy of eclipses is unpredictable, it’s chaotic. And this particular eclipse involves a planet Uranus, which governs the unpredictable,” she notes. “This eclipse, I think, will defy a lot of political people’s predictions. And, as an astrologer, I would not dare to try to predict what will happen, because it’s an eclipse and eclipses are wild.”

Miller agrees that the involvement of Uranus “will make for a big surprise… It is the nature of Uranus to pull something in from the outside world into the discussion, something we would never have thought possible or even probable.”

For folks that are going to the polls on Election Day, Nicholas advises: “Go early, go with snacks, consider that the day might be a little disruptive, and make sure that you’re bolstered in the way that you need to be bolstered in order to get your vote in.”

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