'She's a real queen': The 'Ocean's 8' cast raves about work, work, working with Rihanna

Kevin Polowy
·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Rihanna was not in the building when the cast of Ocean’s 8 gathered in New York for a sit-down with Yahoo Entertainment. But of course we had to ask Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, and friends what it was like to work, work, work, work, work with the pop superstar.

Bullock and Sarah Paulson immediately broke into their own versions of “Work,” Rihanna’s inescapable 2016 hit.

“She had to endure that all of the time,” Bullock laughed. They weren’t the only ones singing (embarrassing themselves?) in front of Rihanna.

“That song was really happening when we were making the movie,” Hathaway, who was joined by her co-star Awkawina, explained. “And I didn’t realize how often I would let it out until I was standing right next to her.”

Generally, though, the praise rained down on the Barbadian songstress, who plays a hacker named Nine Ball, one-eighth of the all-female crew who plot a diamond necklace heist at the annual Met Gala.

“She’s a goddess,” Bullock said. “She’s a beautiful, sexy, powerful, smart goddess.”

“Who happens to be kind of shy and thoughtful,” Kaling added, “for someone you would think would be an extrovert.”

Said Hathaway, “She’s just chill and humble. And the thing that I love about her: When I get nervous sometimes by silence, I might struggle and try to fill up the space. And she doesn’t feel that. She’s a real queen in that way. She occupies that space, and then when she has something to say, she says it.”

Ocean’s 8 opens Friday.

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