Sherri Shepherd Turns a Balloon Challenge NSFW on Celeb Game Face

Allison Crist
·1 min read

An all-but-ordinary episode of Celebrity Game Face is headed your way.

While the E! show's host and executive producer Kevin Hart will, as per usual, guide three teams of celebrity pairs—including Raven-Symoné and Miranda Pearman-Maday, Jack Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne and Sherri Shepherd and Lauren Marshall—through a series of hilarious games, there's something special about this particular set of contestants: They're all previous losers.

That's right! Each team has unsuccessfully attempted to win the coveted Hart of a Champion trophy in the past, and now, they're looking for redemption. And based on this sneak peek clip, Sherri and Lauren might just be the ones to get it.

The name of the game in the above video is "Balloon Twerk," and it goes like this: A team's designated twerker puts the pump on the seat and bounces up and down as fast as they possibly can, while the other holds the balloon as it's getting aired up. The first team to pop the balloon wins.

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Easy enough, right? Once everyone's ready, the team twerkers—Raven, Sherri and Kelly—jump (literally) into action.

All three stars seem to be going the same pace, but in the blink of an eye, Kelly falls behind and it's down to Raven and Sherri. It's impossible to tell who's going to win until, boom, Sherri pops her balloon!

The Mr. Iglesias star celebrates with a dance, and then comes the best part of the entire sneak peek. "That's how you have an orgasm!" Sherri yells. "Anybody disagreein' with me?"

Yep, this Celebrity Game Face is going to be a good one.