Sherri Shepherd opens up on boob job, calls out insurance companies for not covering breast reduction surgery

Amy Sussman/Getty Images North America/TNS

After a two-and-a-half-month summer hiatus, Sherri Shepherd returned to the airwaves with a big announcement about her smaller body parts.

The Emmy and NAACP Image Award winner revealed Monday that she underwent breast reduction surgery on July 13.

“I’ve been holding on to the secret since July 13, which was 67 days ago,” she told the live studio audience of her eponymous daytime chatfest. “And, you know, it’s funny because … I get so many comments about my body. And a lot of y’all can say, ‘Sherri, you’re too top heavy’ and I would get comments like, ‘If you just got a boob job, everything would be balanced.

“So guess what? … I had a breast reduction over the summer and Season 2, everything is going to be bigger, except these boobs,” Shepherd quipped.

The 56-year-old funnywoman, who said she “came out of the womb with big boobs,” noted that public pressure didn’t factor into her life-altering health decision.

“Now, to be clear, I did not get this boob job because of all of the comments I got,” she stated. “I got the boob job because I just wanted to see what it felt like to sleep on my stomach.”

Shepherd also revealed that her medical insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of her reduction, telling companies they “need to make women’s health a priority.”

“The fact that they won’t cover a procedure for a woman when it is necessary is a shame,” she said. “A woman should not be in pain and insurance will not cover this.”

Previously coming in at a 42DD bra size, Shepherd referred to her former breasts as her best friends: “It was a little bittersweet because I love my old girls … they grew up with me. They have been with me through thick and thin.”

But Shepherd endured much pain.

“I thought I was carrying around the weight of the world but really it was the weight of my boobs,” the former co-host of “The View” shared, adding: “All jokes aside, they were so heavy I was slouching all the time. It started becoming really painful, my back was hurting very badly. I was getting the grooves in my shoulders.”

The upside to the breast reduction surgery, she said, is not having to wear a bra, easier to shop for clothes and having perkier nipples. The downside, however, she said smaller breasts won’t camouflage when she eats foods with a lot of fiber.

“So I just want to say new season, new boobs,” she said as the audience cheered.