Sherri Shepherd of ‘The View’ Responds to Miss Teen USA Controversy

After Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay was crowned Saturday night, her celebration was short-lived as tweets she’d posted years ago in which she used racial slurs came to light. Now 18, Hay was 15 when she used the N-word in several tweets. Hay has released a statement attempting to explain herself, but Sherri Shepherd of The View wasn’t buying it.

Besides the fact that she didn’t believe Hay’s excuse for using the slur, Shepherd also said the Miss Teen USA crown should be taken away from Hay because of the message it sends to children that may see her as a role model. The Miss Universe Organization, which oversees Miss Teen USA, has condemned Hay’s Twitter posts but has said it will stand by her and will not remove her crown.

Not all of the reaction to the controversy has been negative. Shepherd used this moment to share a message with young people on how to approach social media.

Warning against posting offensive material, Shepherd said: “Be careful what you post. Be careful what you say because it could come back, and it could cost you and hurt you.”

The ladies of The View also couldn’t ignore another controversy surrounding the Miss Teen USA pageant: All five of the finalists looked incredibly similar. All of the final contestants were white with blond hair and blue eyes, causing one of the co-hosts to suggest at first that they were all the same person. This was nothing new to Shepherd, who said she’s so used to it that she’s desensitized and “forgot to be outraged.”

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