From Shepard's return to a new antagonist, Mass Effect fans still can't figure out what's going on in that teaser trailer

 Mass Effect 5.
Mass Effect 5.

It's been a couple of days since we got that potential Mass Effect 5 teaser, but fans still can't decide if it's Shepard, an antagonist, or maybe even Daft Punk in the trailer.

Earlier this week, on November 7, BioWare released the Mass Effect Epsilon teaser, which, although exciting, left fans with more questions than answers. The trailer is only 30ish seconds long and is purposely vague. In it, we see a mysterious figure wearing an N7 uniform and helmet walk down a hallway before pulling out a weapon and the screen cutting to black. Unsurprisingly, theories are already circling about who this character is and what it could mean for the series' future.

Shortly after the trailer was shared, the Mass Effect subreddit went into overdrive trying to figure out who this person is. There have been some expected guesses, like Commander Shepard or maybe the next game's new antagonist, as well as some less likely predictions like one of the members of the French electronic music duo Daft Punk.

"Looks like our new protagonist is, in fact, one of the Daft Punk robots," one user shared on the site. "You'll never be HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER than Commander Shepard," another replied.

Other fans have said the character looks like a Warlock from Bungie's MMO Destiny: "Didn't know N7 recruits Destiny Warlocks now, lol," one player said. No wonder the teaser trailer sent GamesRadar+'s Heather Wald's fan theory brain into overdrive.

Unfortunately for us, we'll probably be questioning things for the next few N7 Days as Mass Effect 5 is still in pre-production as of June 2022. On a more positive note, we did get an update around a year ago which revealed, that although the game is still a little ways off, development is "proceeding very well" with the team at BioWare.

While we wait to find out more about this one, find out what else we could be playing with our games like Mass Effect list.