‘She Fell for His Trap’: Pilar Sanders Calls Out Charleston White For Putting a ‘Hit’ Out on Her Son Shedeur Sanders

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Pilar Sanders, ex-wife of Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback and Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders, is firing back at Charleston White over threats he made to their 21-year-old son, Shedeur, earlier this month.

In the clip, the controversial internet troll called out Coach Prime for leaving Jackson State University and going to “them white folks football team” in Colorado. He also took his time to take shots at Prime’s son Shedeur.

Watch the video here.

Pilar Sanders calls out Charleston White after he puts a "hit" out on Shedeur Sanders.
Pilar Sanders calls out Charleston White after he puts a “hit” out on Shedeur Sanders. (Photo: @pilarsanders @officialcharleston_white/Instagram)

When talking about the Colorado quarterback, White said, “I damn near wanna put $20,000 up on any college player that’ll hurt his son. That muthaf—kin quarterback muthaf—ka. Yeah, that slow muthaf—ka ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

Shedeur’s mother caught wind of the disrespect and took it personally. Pilar Sanders took to TikTok to call out White. Sanders said, “So this grown-ass little guy wants to put a hit out on my son? On my son? Charleston White let it be known. You puttin’ a hit out on my son?” Pilar put the text “Straighten that Sh*T out Lil Man ASAP!” over the stitched video.

Some fans said Sanders fell for his trap, while others believe White will regret coming after Sanders’ son.

“She finna put a hit on Charleston.”

“Y’all giving Uncle Ruckus exactly what he wants.”

“That dude going at drill rappers and gang bangers ain’t do it but going after a Sanders kid might just get him up outta here.”

“Let the games begin she fell into the trap.”

White has yet to respond to Sanders’ comment, but he has gone more in depth about why he went after Deion and Shedeur in the first place.

In a follow-up video to his Colorado rant, White said, “Why you think I’m saying f—k Deion? I’m viral again this week.”

He continued, “Yeah, I needed to go viral again this week, so I done said f—k Deion, and Colorado n—a I don’t give a f—k bout no sports playin’ n—a I served time for killing a white man. Stood over and watched him die, n—a I don’t give a damn bout a n—a that’ll throw a football on the white man’s field.”

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He then gave more reasons why he chose to make everybody mad. “Everybody goin right, so n—a I turned left,” White said, “I don’t wanna be liked. Yeah, I don’t want no muthaf—ka genuinely like me, ’cause muthaf—kas don’t genuinely like nothin.” White said that being hated gets him more views than being liked.

While White says that he was just trying to get views with his hate speeches and rants, he recently doubled down on saying that he wants Shedeur to get hurt. In an interview with Say Cheese, White said, “N—a, I want Deion’s son hurt, n—a. Because where we come from, the little league coach tellin’ his players to hurt them, other boys.”

White said he wants Black people to stop supporting Sanders and Colorado and start supporting the Black coaches and teams in their areas.

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